Canned Pork Luncheon Meat, Ma Ling

This is one of my favourite canned food, Canned pork luncheon meat. The brand name is Ma Ling. I always fried it with eggs or you can make Ma Ling Soup.

When I don’t know what to eat, this canned food is one of most simple food for lunch or dinner.

Just mixed egg, and put the canned meat inside the mixed egg, and deep fried it. I like a little cripy one so I will fry it until yellow gold color. Eat it with rice, so delicious.

Beef Teriyaki vs Beef Garlic (1)

Because Pandemic Corona, we must spend most of our time at home. And for someone that rarely cook, will try looking for some recipe to cook.

When I went to Supermarker, I always see this Beef Slice. And this time, I decided to buy it.

The beef meat name is Short Plate Beef.

Under the rib cut, the short plate has the lower short ribs, also called agujas cortas. Short Plate Beef is a forequarter cut from the belly of the cow, just below the rib cut. It is typically a cheap, tough, and fatty meat. In U.K. butchery, this cut is considered part of the brisket.

credit: Wikipedia

I bought some Teriyaki Sauce. I want to try to marinated the beef with two kind of taste: Teriyaki and Salty.

  1. First Sauce: mix Teriyaki Sauce, minced garlic, a little salt and sugar.
  2. Second Sauce: mix Salty Soy Sauce, minced garlic, and a litte sugar.

Marinated The beef with each sauce for about 20 minutes. And grilled it.

And the result:

So yummy.. But I think next time I have to cook it longer so it will more crispy.

Fried Noodle Indomie

Because of the Pandemic Covid-19, we have to physical distancing, and less go out. So, I try to practise my video editor, then next time I can make vlog when travelling.

The most simple to cook something in this world is, making Instant Noodle.

Indomie is one of famous instant noodle brand in Indonesia and many people like this. They have the original taste of Indonesia. I like the taste of Fried Noodle Indomie, sometimes when I missed it, I will cooking instant noodle.

You just need to boil the noodle, until it’s soft, drain well. Put the seasoning on the plate, then mix it together with the noodle.

I like to add half-boiled egg.

Enjoy and Happy eating.. 😀

D’Cost Armada Town Square Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Lunch at D’Cost Restaurant, Armada Town Square

Pak Janggut, Food Court Sailendra Armada Town Square (Artos) (3), Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Another time to eat at Pak Janggut Restaurant at Artos. This time, I order Egg with Rice.

Pork and Indonesian Food, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today, me, my brother and my sister-in-law decided to buy delivery for roasted pork and Pork with Soy Sauce from my brother’s friend. We curious how it taste.

It’s not to cheap, so we decided to buy 2 kind of meal only IDR 50.000. And, because we are afraid that the portion is too small, so we decided to buy some meal from one of famous stand that serve Indonesian food, located near Tukangan Market. They serve fried noodle, vegetables stir fry, and etc. We buy Fried Noodle, and Jangan Jipang / Labu Siam, or famous with Chayote only for IDR 2.000 each.

And… the roasted pork and soy sauce pork is really serve in small portion. Maybe only for 1 person.

I think the pork meal is not too tasty.

Pak Janggut, Food Court Sailendra Armada Town Square (Artos) (2), Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

We eat at Pak Janggut Stand again. This time, I buy Ayam Geprek with only IDR 10.000.
It’s delicious.

Bimbimbap at Sokcho # Gangwon-do – South Korea

Near the intercity bus terminal, there’s a Bimbimbap Restaurant which quiet famous because it’s location. We ask the information centre in front of the bus terminal, and the staff told us to go here for lunch.

Once again, I’m not suitable with Korean Food. But I still can eat it.

As usual, we have to order at least 2 portion, and this is 2 portion of Bimbimbap.

Bulgogi Jungol / Korean Marinated Beef Gyeongju # Gyeongsangbuk-do – South Korea

When we go to Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple, there’s so many local restaurant nearby, and some of ahjumma give you a pamphlet with their restaurant menu. So be careful, once you take the pamphlet, ahjumma will calling you times to times as long as you are still in there. But for polite, just take the pamphlet and smile. Just pretend that you don’t know what they talking about if you didn’t want to eat in their restaurant.

This street located in front of Bulguksa Car Parking, there’s a lot of restaurant along this street.

We found Bulgogi restaurant and decided to eat Bulgogi. We have to order 2 portion minimum for 1 menu. I’m not understand why maybe because 1 portion of food is very little and the bowl or plate is designed for 2 portion. So they will serve the 2 portion become one bowl/plate. There’s also the side dish.

It’s yummy. It’s really different from what I ate outside Korea. And I really love the soup. It’s refreshing. Especially in cold autumn or winter.

Actually, eating in South Korea is quiet expensive (for me).

One portion of bulgogi Jungol cost 15.000 won (1 portion of bulgogi, 1 rice and 1 set of side dish). And we have to buy minimum 2 portion, so it cost 30.000 won (2 portion bulgogi, 2 rice, and set of side dish). Then we add another bowl of rice for 1.000 won, so for this lunch, we spent 31.000 won.
The exchange rate in Indonesia, approximately 12,3 won at that time. So we spent IDR 381.300 for 3 people.

Wow… That’s why I spent more money in eating. And 2 portion, is really much.

Ttaro gukbap (따로국밥)

Before go to the next destination, we go to a restaurant which my friends said it famous. It sells Gukbap 국밥. When we get there, there’s so many people eat there.

Gukbap are dishes developed from guk. The term literally means “soup with rice.” The dish is typically served in restaurants, and has become popular among the working class since the late Joseon Dynasty. (Wikipedia)

There’s many kind of Gukbap, and we choose Ttaro gukbap (따로국밥). And it’s really suitable to eat when winter, hot soup on cold weather.

It’s Pork Soup. And it’s delicious. There’s chili inside the soup, so if you don’t like spicy, you can carefully separate the chili first.