From the day people appears in mother ‘s womb, then born, and then live in this world, until death, we have a long journey. And each person is different. So am I, from when I was born until now, I have done many things.. And this is still on going. Life, is precious. You know that time is moving, and never stop. Once I want life to stop in certain time, but what can I do, in the blink of eye, it has already changing. So, I decided to change my perspective about life, to always go in the flow.

2005, First time Trip to Japan with my cousin
2007, went Study in Beijing, China
2018, when accompany some elder group touring in South Korea

90th Birthday

August 30, 2020 Every year, we are celebrating our birthday. One year, one time. And sometimes, when you passed someone’s birthday, you will think, there’s another one next year. Do you know, each age only comes once in a year. You won’t celebrate 17th birthday twice. So, each birthday is very meaningful. Especially when you…


I have a new hobby, actually, I wants to do this hobby quiet a long time ago. But each time I have plan, and the plan is always only a plan. Sometimes, I even forgot if I have plan of vlogging. hehe… Actually, I want to really doing it when my trip to New Zealand…

Tteokbokki (2)

July 24, 2020 Another trial to cooking Tteokbokki. This time, I think I boiled it too long so it become more stick. And taste more sour. But I’m using melt cheese and it’s really melt, very delicious. I think it’s better than the first try.


Do you love shopping? Or maybe travelling? Want to get cashback each time you doing online transactions? Especially, nowadays when we use online to shopping or booking anything. I found this website one year ago and starting using it. And now, I already got some cashback, at least it can be used for buying daily…


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