From the day people appears in mother ‘s womb, then born, and then live in this world, until death, we have a long journey. And each person is different. So am I, from when I was born until now, I have done many things.. And this is still on going. Life, is precious. You know that time is moving, and never stop. Once I want life to stop in certain time, but what can I do, in the blink of eye, it has already changing. So, I decided to change my perspective about life, to always go in the flow.

2005, First time Trip to Japan with my cousin
2007, went Study in Beijing, China
2018, when accompany some elder group touring in South Korea

Pre-Admitted to Zhejiang Normal University 浙江师范大学

May 24th, 2021 I got an email that I have been pre-admitted to Zhejiang Normal University with Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship for Outstanding Student level A (Master Degree: RMB 30.000). So now, I need to pay for the application fee: RMB 400 in the application system. I try to pay using Alipay, and failed (I…

Application for Broadcasting 广播电视 Master Degree 硕士研究生 in Zhejiang Normal University 浙江师范大学

May 21st, 2021 Zhejiang Normal University 浙江师范大学: There’s some additional documents that needed to apply Zhejiang Normal University 浙江师范大学 besides graduate, and transcript. First, I need to do Physical Examination. Actually, usually it’s needed when we are accepted, but this time, I need to use it for applying now. So I went to Jogja…

Choosing University and Major for Master Degree in China

May 14th, 2021 At first, I’m looking for Tourism Management course because I’m working as Travel Agency. And I choose Beijing, so after some research, I choose Beijing International Studies University 北京第二外国语学院 with majoring in Tourism Management 旅游管理. But after looking for some information, I suddenly interesting in TV Programming and Directing, or something like…

HSK5 Result and sudden tought to pursued Master Degree

May 11th, 2021 Today the HSK5 result is come out. And unexpected, I passed it with more than 70% score. Actually, I’m very surprised too because I feel that I didn’t doing well when exam. The minimum score for HSK5 to passed is 180 (60%). If you passed HSK5, means you have a greater chance…

The exam day HSK5

April 24th, 2021 It’s the day. The exam took place at 13:30 until 15:30. At 12:30, I have prepare already at the exam place and place all the laptop, smartphone and tripod in the destinated place according when we are doing the simulation. The examiner check our id (passport) then exam ID. Then at 13:00,…

Simulation of HSK5 Test – 2021 HSK5 Exam

April 17th, 2021 Today there will be a simulation. They will test our google meet and the position of the smartphone. It started at 10:00, so at 09:00, I bring my laptop, tripod and smartphone to my exam place, and then set all the device properly. They give us google meet id then we join.…

Can I passed HSK5? – 2021 HSK5 Exam

Early April 2021 I want to know my Chinese level because it’s been a long time for me to take the HSK test. I only have 1 test before in 2007 and that time it’s HSK beginner. And I got Level B Mark. Nowadays it is HSK versi 2.0, there’s HSK1-6. HSK1-2-3 for beginner, HSK4-5…


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