Travelling.. Most people are very familiar with this word. And many peole obsessed with this activity. If someone said, they never went for travelling, I won’t believe it. Travelling, is not only went to far away place, sometimes, you can go to place near your home for refreshing. This is travelling.

For me, travelling can ease mind and looking for something new. I like the feeling when I’m plan an itinery, looking for information, and counting the budget. Then when I did it, I have my own pleasure. Seems like I achieve another experience for my life.

Here, I want to share with you about my experience in travelling. Maybe, not all people like to travel by their own itinery and choose to be in group which has already been arrange by agent, but it’s not the problem. The most important is, how you enjoy the travelling itself and what you achieve.

PJJP :: Nglinggo Tea Plantation Kulon Progo # DIY – Indonesia

July 05, 2020 Today’s morning walk, we visit tea plantation in Kulon Progo, Nglinggo Tea Plantation. The place located in high area so the view is beautiful. You can enjoy drink some tea or only walk around. We go to viewing post first. Then photo spot. After take some picture, we go back to car…

No More Sticker Visa for South Korea Visa

Starting July 01, 2020, South Korea Visa will stop using sticker visa. According KVAC (Korea Visa Application Center) in Jakarta, Indonesia, they will change sticker visa to visa grant notice which can be downloaded on Visa portal website and print it. For more information, please visit KVAC website Picture Source: KVAC_ID instagram To see the…

Indonesia Train Transportation Policy during New Normal Covid-19 starting June 12, 2020

Besides Flight, the train in Indonesia also started to operated from 12th June 2020. But there’s some policy if you want to tranpsport by train in Indonesia. Here’s some policy from KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia), source: @kai121_ (Instagram): Translations Ticket purchase conditions: Ticket reservations can be reserved on D-7 before train departure for departures starting…

New regulation starting 8th June 2020 to fly in Indonesia

Starting 8th June 2020, all people can back to travelling using flight in Indonesia. Here’s some rules that have to pay attention: Wear mask and bring own hand sanitizer, physical distancing and always wash your hand. Identity card (original) PCR Test valid for 7 days or Rapid Test valid for 3 days, with negative result…

Sriwijaya Air Group: Regulation policy during Covid-19

Website: Sriwijaya Indonesia Language: website KEBIJAKAN PENERBANGAN TERKAIT COVID-19 Merujuk Surat Edaran Gugus Tugas Percepatan Penanganan Covid-19 No. SE 7 Tahun 2020 Tentang Kriteria Dan Persyaratan Perjalanan Orang Dalam Masa Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru Menuju Masyarakat Produktif Dan Aman Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), berikut kami sampaikan syarat dan ketentuan pembelian tiket exemption flight bagi penumpang Sriwijaya Air…

Lion Air Group: Requirement policy to fly during Covid-19

Website: Lion Air Group You can see the information in here (Indonesian language) or for more about covid-19 updates, click here. Informasi Penerbangan Lion Air Group: Persyaratan WAJIB Perjalanan Udara Masa Waspada Pandemi Covid-19 May 28, 2020, 18:23 PM by Lion Air Lion Air (kode penerbangan JT), Wings Air (kode penerbangan IW), Batik Air (kode penerbangan…

Airasia: Indonesia Domestic and International Travel Requirements during Covid-19 Period

Credit: Airasia Official Website INDONESIA DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS AirAsia is working closely with regulators, local governments, civil aviation and health authorities to step up all precautionary measures in the time of COVID-19 global outbreak. All guests are required to present the following documents: DOMESTIC TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS All domestic guests are required to present…


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