My name is Anna Wong

This is my nickname, and not my real name. But many people known me for Anna Wong :D. Actually, if you know my real name and my Chinese name, then you will know why I use this name stage.

I’m just an ordinary girl, who lives in a city in Indonesia. I love travelling, and make memory of life.

I know this blog is just an ordinary blog, but I hope this will help you to live your life better than before, and those who like travelling, I hope this blog will help you to conquer the world.

I love travelling. I start to travel since 2005, and destination is Japan via group tour. But actually, I have been in Taiwan before following Government Program Study Tour: Kwan Mo Tuan for 3 weeks. This is a program where those who still in 2nd year high school wants to know more about Taiwan, so if they have interested to pursued their study in Taiwan.

Then in 2007, I studied Chinese in China, and that’s the story begin. I’m getting more and more love to travel. And now I also become trip consultant and help people with their journey. I work in a travel agency and hopefully I could getting more succesfull than nowadays.

It’s been a long time that I want to make a blog about my travelling journey, and so this is it. I will try to do the best to write it in here. I’m using English which is not my main language, so there will be some mistake in the write, hope you could understand.
Cheerful Traveller..I got this “cheerful” word, because I want to make everyone happy with this blog, and attract them to travelling with cheerfully. 

My travel agent’s name is also Cheerful Adventure Tour & Ticketing. I just hope everyone will be happy travelling when they bought ticket or tour package from me.

I will write this blog using English but I’m sorry I’m not Native English so My English is very bad. And I will mixed with some Chinese and Korean.

Nice to meet you, and hope we can always keep in touch.


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