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It’s been a long time I want to make a blog about travelling. I love travelling. Not only when I’m travel, but how to plan a perfect travelling itself, give me a challenge. Actually, I like to organize things, such as events, gathering, etc. But Organizing a trip is my favourite because it makes me happy and proud. So, welcome to my blog. Hope some information in this blog, could be helpful for all traveller in the world. I’m still in beginning process but I’m pretty sure there’s always the first time. Besides travelling, I also write some story about my life, and culinary. I also love to sing, and when you sing a song, you have to know the meaning of the songs. So here it is, I try to translate some songs (mostly Mandarin Song). Don’t forget to give some like and comment for me to improve my blogging. Thank you, Enjoy and Have a Nice Day





但不努力一定不会成功 — 肖战

Everyone has different path, there is no need to compare with others than let yourself walk to the dead end, You have to find the life that suits you best, and also believe that diligence can make up for the deficiencies and defects. Work hard may not be succeed, but without work hard you will not succeed
— Xiao Zhan (an actor and singer from China)


Do you love shopping? Or maybe travelling? Want to get cashback each time you doing online transactions? Especially, nowadays when we use online to shopping or booking anything. I found this website one year ago and starting using it. And now, I already got some cashback, at least it can be used for buying daily…

PJJP :: Nglinggo Tea Plantation Kulon Progo # DIY – Indonesia

July 05, 2020 Today’s morning walk, we visit tea plantation in Kulon Progo, Nglinggo Tea Plantation. The place located in high area so the view is beautiful. You can enjoy drink some tea or only walk around. We go to viewing post first. Then photo spot. After take some picture, we go back to car…

U Yen (Fried Taro)

July 02, 2020 Fried Talas / Taro What you need? Talas / Taro (in this recipe, I use 600gr compatibility) 2 tablespoon Rice Flour 1 tablespoon Tapioca 1 tablespoon Tauco / Fermented Yellow Soybean 1 pcs Egg 1.5 tablespoon Ginger Water (filter it) Garlic (mashed up) How to Make? Peel the Taro (peel first then…

Xiao Zhan 肖战 – Man Zu 满足

Xiao Zhan 肖战 – Man Zu 满足 – Satisfied — Puas 眼中缀满 柔软的留言yan zhong zhui man rou ruan de liu yanThe Eyes filled with soft messageMata penuh dengan pesan yang lembut 手边是你 寄的明信片shou bian shi ni qi de ming xin pianThe hand hold the postcard that you sendDi genggaman tangan ini ada kartu pos yang…

Jian Xin Ai Hui Ying 坚信爱会赢

Jian Xin Ai Hui Ying 坚信爱会赢 – Believe that love will win – Percaya kalau ada Cinta pasti bisa menang 文艺界抗击疫情主题曲Theme song for the fight against Epidemic in literary and artists world18位文艺工作者倾情献唱18 artists of art and literary sing. 为了你我拼了命Wei le ni wo pin le mingI will work hard for youSaya akan bekerja keras demi kamu…

Silence Wang 汪苏泷 – Wan You Yin Li 万有引力

Silence Wang 汪苏泷 – Wan You Yin Li 万有引力 – Gravity – Gravitasi 终于等到响起了下课铃zhong yu deng dao xiang qi le xia ke lingFinally have waited for the bell to ringAkhirnya, sudah menunggu lonceng untuk berbunyi 已经约好在操场等你yi jing yue hao zai cao chang deng niAlready waiting for you in the playgroundSudah berjanji menunggumu di taman bermain…

If you can back to the past, which time you want to go back?

TIme is moving, and didn’t stop in some era. And when you realize it, maybe you are already more than 50 years old. We really didn’t feel it but it’s the reality. Sometimes, when you have nothing to do, you will think, if that time, I didn’t choose this path, what will happens to my…


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