PJJP :: Kopeng # Central Java – Indonesia

Today is another day for outing, morning walk together. And the destination is Kopeng.

The walk is about 5km with beautiful scenery.

Indonesia is a tropic country and the weather usually 20-30 degree celcius. But some place because located in high place, sometimes the weather could be under 20 degree celcius. And Kopeng, a village near Salatiga is one of them. When we arrive in there at 06:30, it has 17 degree celcius with wind. And it’s really cold.

When we arrive there, I saw this 2 cute little cat running anywhere and play.

Then we started to walk. The road is easy with enough up and down hill And beautiful scenery.

this is actually going up hill path, but don’t know after I took the picture, it looks like a tunnel.

We also passed by Flower and Plant Shop, which each shop designated like a flower garden. Surely those who love flower and plant will love in here and buy some plant.

Then we arrive at Kopeng Tourism Spot, and my mom buy some vegetables to cooking at home. A lot of people in my city like to go to Kopeng to buy some vegetables or fruits. While shopping, we can also enjoy the fresh air and the scenery.

After arrive at the car parking, and eat some snack and drink, the leader offer us to go to a beautiful place which is not far from there. We joint the passenger so we don’t need many car to go there and keep the rest in here.

It took abouf 10-15 minutes to go there but the road is very narrow, only enough for 1 car and located higher than before so you have to use a good car and skillful driver.

Panorama Technic

We arrive at Bukit Harapan Cuntel. I have changed my shoes to sandals because I’m afraid if my shoes are dirty so the car will be dirty too. And now, we need to climb a little in the sand and my sandal is dirty too 😜

In Bukit Harapan Cuntel, we can see 5 mountains: Mount Sumbing, Mount Sindoro, Mount Andong, Mount Telomoyo, and Mount Gajah Mungkur.

The scenery is very beautiful. I used panorama to take the picture.

Then we plan to go back to the car parking. But don’t know why suddenly, we are arrived at Merbabu Pass, a basecamp for climbing Mount Merbabu via Wekas.

Becareful if you go there, the road is narrow and uphill, with about 30-45 degrees. You should have a perfect car and skillfull driver.

Mount Merbabu is a dormant stratovolcano in Central Java province on the Indonesian island of Java. The name Merbabu could be loosely translated as ‘Mountain of Ash‘ from the Javanese combined words; Meru means “mountain” and awu or abu means “ash“. Elevation: 3.145m.

source: Wikipedia

We still need to walk uphill to arrive at Merbabu Pass. Again, wrong choice to change to Sandals haha..

Then we go back to the car parking Kopeng, and it turns out we arrive at Kaponan. Which means, we go along way around.

Actually I should have arrive at home at 09:00 but now I arrive at home at 12:00 😂.

KFC (2)

Who didn’t know KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, it’s the second largest restaurant-chain in the world (wikipedia). Since the outbreak of corona, I haven’t buy KFC from March 2020, and yesterday my brother buy some dinner so I ask him to buy for me too. Actually, I want crispy skin and cream soup but the crispy skin is not available anymore so he bought me Chrispy Winger.

This is not my dinner, but my snack after dinner. Since start to running again, I’m losing 2kg of my weight and I’m starting to hungry anytime.

Winger has 4pcs, consists of 2pcs of wing. Different country has different kind of package and taste. The cream soup taste sweet, and I like to dip the chicken skin into soup and eat it together.

Mount Merapi Eruption June 21, 2020 # Central Java – Indonesia

Today, after we go morning walk, when we arrive at home, there’s a news that Mount Merapi has erupted.

Mount MerapiGunung Merapi (Fire Mountain in Indonesian and Javanese), is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta provinces, Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. It is located approximately 28 kilometres (17 mi) north of Yogyakarta city which has a population of 2.4 million, and thousands of people live on the flanks of the volcano, with villages as high as 1,700 metres (5,600 ft) above sea level.

Smoke can often be seen emerging from the mountaintop, and several eruptions have caused fatalities. Pyroclastic flow from a large explosion killed 27 people on 22 November 1994, mostly in the town of Muntilan, west of the volcano. Another large eruption occurred in 2006, shortly before the Yogyakarta earthquake. In light of the hazards that Merapi poses to populated areas, it has been designated as one of the Decade Volcanoes.

Credit: wikipedia

It’s been a long time to have an ash rain, and I didn’t tought this time there’s an ash rain in Muntilan. We just got there, and now we will go there again to eat lunch.

When we arrive there, actually the ash rain has been stop, or maybe very thin, because my car has ash in it’s whole body. At first we can’t see it but because my car is parking, and when we finish eating, you can see that it’s quiet a lot.

Bakmi Pak Kadis Dusun Menayu, Muntilan # Central Java – Indonesia

This is my favourite place to eat lunch. They serve Special Indonesian Noodle Soup (Javanese Noodle).

Bakmi Pak Kadis

Address: Kapanjen, Menayu, Kec. Muntilan, Magelang, Jawa Tengah 56415

It tasteful and savory. The broth is very strong and make it really tasteful.

PJJP:: Dusun Gemer, Ngargomulyo, Dukun Muntilan # Central Java – Indonesia

PJJP is Perkumpulan Jalan-Jalan Pagi, morning jogging. Because we still in Pandemic Covid-19 situation, so our regular hash has stopped for a while and change into morning jogging. The difference is, there’s not bus rental, only private car with no more than 5 people inside (and mostly are family).

Today, we go to Dusun Gemer, Ngargomulyo, Dukun in Muntilan. Our destination is Santa Maria Cave but before arrive in there, we will walking first.

It’s small road, but some of the road was blocked by the tree so we have to walk under the tree or step over the tree.

There’s a path where the river from the side is flooding. So, some path to walk was cover by the water, and we have to walk in there. But it’s fun to walk with friends even my shoes is really wet, even my socks is wet too.

Santa Maria’s cave, I think this place is still renovated. But it’s good to come here and pray, and feel the peaceful. I hope that the world will recover soon from the virus, and we found the vaccine soon, and we all could back normal again.

We have morning jogging while wear our mask, I only uncover my face when take a photos.

It’s good to come out and enjoy the scene, so that I can refreshing my eyes. Always remember to wear mask, physical distancing and wash your hand. This is how we welcome our “New Normal”.

Stay healthy and take care..

Bagelen, Indonesia Snack

Today, I went to Supermarket and my mom found this snack.

Maybe you have ever seen this snack. This snack also reminder me of my childhood. It is a cookies that smeared with sugar on the side and now there’s so many varian. There’s cheese, pizza, coffee, etc.

The one in the picture is from Magelang, Central Java – Indonesia, it has cheese flavoue but still there’s sugar in the side, so it has combine taste between sweet and salty cheese. So delicious. And this snack size is good enough to eat it in one mouthful. Because it’s too crispy, so if you bite it little by little, there will be cookies flakes fall from the cookies.

The famous Bagelen is in Bandung, West Java – Indonesia. Each time I went to Bandung, I will go to this famous bread store and by their Bagelen. They have various taste.

Indonesia Train Transportation Policy during New Normal Covid-19 starting June 12, 2020

Besides Flight, the train in Indonesia also started to operated from 12th June 2020. But there’s some policy if you want to tranpsport by train in Indonesia. Here’s some policy from KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia), source: @kai121_ (Instagram):


Ticket purchase conditions:

  1. Ticket reservations can be reserved on D-7 before train departure for departures starting June 12, 2020.
  2. Ticket reservations are only reserved online through the KAI access application and other online channels.
  3. Ticket Sales offline service at the station is only for H-3 hours before train departure.

Train Travelling for people in the new normal adaptation period, for long-distance train passengers, the following terms and conditions are regulated as below:

  1. Present a PCR test certificate with negative results that are valid for 7 days or a certificate of rapid-test with non-reactive results that are valid for 3 days at the time of departure.
  2. Present a certificate of asymptomatic such as influenza (influenza-like illness) issued by doctors of hospitals / puskesmas for areas that do not have PCR test facilities and / or rapid tests.
  3. Passengers from / to the destination of Jakarta are required to have an exit and entry permit (SIKM) in the DKI Jakarta area, except for sectors that are excluded based on DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation no 47 year 2020.
  4. Passenger do not suffer from colds, colds, coughs and fevers.
  5. Must wear mask.
  6. Body temperature not more than 37.3 degrees celcius.
  7. Wear long-sleeves clothes or jacket.
  8. For local or commuter train passengers, only need to apply the provisions of points 4-7 above and must apply and comply with the health protocols established by the company.
  9. If during the boarding process is founded passengers who do not meet the above provisions, they are not permitted to travel on a train and tickets can be cancelled and get a full refund.
  10. The carrying capacity provided is regulated in stages starting at a maximum of 70% of the seating capacity.
  11. Passengers must follow and obey the instructions of the officer, either while at the station and on the train.

The list of Train that start operated from June 12, 2020 can be found here.

Citilink: Flight Policy during covid-19

Website: Citilink

About Regulation, click here (Indonesian Language)

Citilink membuka kembali beberapa rute penerbangan dengan tetap mendukung penuh:

  • Surat Edaran Menteri Kesehatan Nomor HK.03.01/MENKES/338/2020 tentang Protokol Kesehatan Penanganan Kepulangan WNI dan Kedatangan WNA dari Luar Negeri di Pintu Masuk Negara dan di Wilayah pada Situasi Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB) – Info Lebih Lanjut
  • PM 18 Tahun 2020 tentang Pengendalian Transportasi Dalam Rangka Pencegahan Penyebaran Covid 19 dengan beberapa poin perubahan yang ditetapkan pada PM 41 tahun 2020 – Info Lebih Lanjut
  • SE 13 Tahun 2020 tentang Operasional Transportasi Udara dalam Masa Kegiatan Masyarakat Produktif dan Aman dari Covid 19 – Info Lebih Lanjut
  • SE No 7/2020 Gugus Tugas Percepatan Penanganan Covid 19 – Info Lebih Lanjut


Citilink reopened several flight routes while continuing to fully support:

  • Statement of the Minister of Health Number HK.03.01 / MENKES / 338/2020 concerning Health Protocol for the Handling of Indonesian Citizens and the Arrival of Foreigners from Abroad at the Entrance of Countries and Regions in Situations of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) — further information
  • PM 18 of 2020 concerning Transportation Control in the Context of Preventing the Distribution of Covid 19 with several points of change set at PM 41 of 2020 — further information
  • SE 13 of 2020 concerning Air Transportation Operations in the Period of Productive and Safe Community Activities from Covid 19 — further information
  • SE No 7/2020 Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 handling — further information


Citilinkers (WNI/WNA) yang akan melakukan penerbangan harus memastikan hal-hal sebagai berikut : (Please make sure somet things below when you will make a trip:)

Rute Penerbangan
(Flight Route)
Surat Kesehatan dengan hasil tes rapid non reaktif atau PCR/ Swab negative

(Health Test Result with non-reactive rapid test or negative swab/PCR test)

Surat Kesehatan dengan hasil tes PCR/ Swab negatif

(Health Test Result with negative/PCR Test)

Formulir Kewaspadaan Kesehatan Provinsi Bali

(Bali Province Health Precaution Form)

Surat izin Keluar/Masuk Provinsi DKI Jakarta

(Exit / entry permit for DKI Jakarta Province)

InternasionalJakarta (CGK/HLP) tanpa transit/lanjutan
InternasionalDenpasar tanpa transit/lanjutan
InternasionalTujuan akhir domestik selain Jakarta (CGK/HLP), Denpasar & Balikpapan
DomestikJakarta (CGK/HLP)
DomestikTujuan akhir domestik selain Jakarta (CGK/HLP), Denpasar, Surabaya & Balikpapan
DomestikTransit domestik untuk tujuan Internasional

Dengan detail setiap dokumen sbb.:

  1. Surat Kesehatan dengan hasil tes Rapid non-reaktif (berlaku maksimal 3 hari dari waktu diterbitkan) atau PCR/Swab negatif (berlaku maksimal 7 hari dari waktu diterbitkan) yang dikeluarkan oleh Fasilitas Kesehatan/Rumah sakit atau KKP.*
  2. Surat Kesehatan dengan hasil negatif untuk PCR/Swab test (berlaku maksimal 7 hari dari waktu diterbitkan) yang dikeluarkan oleh Fasilitas Kesehatan/Rumah sakit atau KKP.*
    *Apabila tes Rapid atau PCR/Swab tidak tersedia pada daerah asal, maka Citilinkers harus menunjukkan surat bebas gejala seperti influensa (influenza-like illness) yang dikeluarkan oleh Dokter Rumah Sakit/Puskesmas.
  3. Formulir Kewaspadaan Kesehatan Provinsi Bali. Info lebih lanjut
  4. Surat Izin Keluar /Masuk Provinsi DKI Jakarta. Info lebih lanjut


With the details of each document as follows:

  1. Health Certificate with Rapid non-reactive test results (valid for a maximum of 3 days from the time of issuance) or a negative PCR / Swab (valid for a maximum of 7 days from the time of issuance) issued by a Health Facility / Hospital or KKP*
  2. Health certificates with negative results for the PCR / Swab test (valid for a maximum of 7 days from the time of issue) issued by the Health Facility / Hospital or KKP. *
  3. Bali Province Health Precaution Form. More info
  4. Exit / Permit Permit for DKI Jakarta Province. More info

*If a Rapid or PCR / Swab test is not available in the area of origin, Citilinkers must show a symptom-free letter such as influenza issued by a Hospital Doctor / Puskesmas.


  • Bagi Citilinkers yang daerah asalnya tidak dapat memenuhi dokumen persyaratan sesuai dengan ketentuan rute tujuan, wajib mengisi Surat Pernyataan Perjalanan Dalam Masa Penanggulangan Penyebaran COVID-19 di Indonesia yang disediakan oleh Citilink melalui website/mobile app Unduh Disini
  • Citilinkers, mohon perhatikan persyaratan dari masing2 kota keberangkatan/tujuan.
  • Citilinkers wajib menunjukkan kartu identitas yang sah (KTP atau tanda pengenal lainnya)
  • Citilinkers wajib mengisi kartu Kewaspadaan Kesehatan (Health Alert Card/HAC) dilakukan secara online dengan mengunduh aplikasi e-HAC melalui playstore untuk perangkat berbasis android atau melalui situs http://sinkarkes.kemkes.go.id/ehac/ untuk perangkat berbasis iOS, atau hardcopy disediakan di check-in counter dan boarding gate sebagai cadangan.
  • Jika Citilinkers tidak dapat menunjukkan dokumen-dokumen tersebut pada saat check-in dan menunjukkan copy beserta aslinya, maka calon penumpang tidak diperkenankan untuk check-in/boarding.
  • Citilinkers yang melakukan web check-in diharuskan tetap melapor di boarding gate dan menunjukkan kelengkapan dokumen penyerta.
  • Bagi Citilinkers yang tidak memenuhi persyaratan sesuai dengan kriteria diatas, terdapat konsekuensi tindak lanjut sesuai dengan otoritas bandara setempat.
  • Citilink tidak bertanggung jawab atas kesalahan atau kekurangan dokumen persyaratan dan berhak untuk membatalkan perjalanan bagi Citilinkers yang tidak memenuhi persyaratan diatas.
  • Citilinkers dengan penerbangan dari Pontianak (PNK) wajib untuk melengkapi seluruh dokumen dengan 4 rangkap.



  • For Citilinkers whose original area cannot fulfill the required documents in accordance with the provisions of the route of destination, they must complete a Travel Statement for the Overcoming of the Spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia provided by Citilink through the website / mobile app. Download Here
  • Citilinkers, please pay attention to the requirements of each departure / destination city.
  • Citilinkers are required to show a valid identity card (KTP or other ID)
  • Citilinkers are required to fill out a Health Alert Card (HAC) done online by downloading the e-HAC application via playstore for android-based devices or through the site http://sinkarkes.kemkes.go.id/ehac/ for iOS-based devices, or hardcopy is provided at the check-in counter and boarding gate as a backup.
  • If Citilinkers cannot show these documents at check-in and show a copy along with the originals, prospective passengers are not allowed to check-in / boarding.
  • Citilinkers who do web check-in are required to keep reporting at the boarding gate and show the accompanying documents.
  • For Citilinkers who do not meet the requirements according to the criteria above, there are consequences of follow-up according to the local airport authority.
  • Citilink is not responsible for errors or lack of required documents and has the right to cancel trips for Citilinkers who do not meet the above requirements.
  • Citilinkers with flights from Pontianak (PNK) are required to complete all documents in 4 copies.

Citilink tidak bertanggung jawab atas kesalahan atau kekurangan dokumen persyaratan dan berhak untuk membatalkan perjalanan bagi Citilinkers yang tidak memenuhi persyaratan diatas

Citilink is not responsible for errors or lack of required documents and has the right to cancel trips for Citilinkers who do not meet the above requirements

Reschedule / Refund Indonesia Airline Flight Ticketing because Pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19)

1. Garuda Indonesia

Once you enter Garuda Indonesia website, you will see:

You can cancelled or reschedule your flight because of Corona if you have ticket from 24th January 2020 – 1st June 2020 which issued before 23rd April 2020.

For reschedule, Garuda give 1 times without charge for reschedule until 30th June 2021 (no blackout date). With additional fee if the new ticket has higher class than the previous.

For cancel and refund, Garuda will give you Travel Voucher and can be used for travelling before 30th June 2021. Additional fee will be charge if the new ticket price is higher than the voucher value.

For more information, you can contact Live Chat 24 Hours Garuda Indonesia, or call center: +622123519999 and 08041807807.

2. Airasia

For Airasia, you have to contact AVA or Twitter for Refund / Reschedule. AVA is a Virtual Assistant. Sometimes, we need to contact the real assistant (Allstar) to ask further information. And many people has problem to contact Allstar from AVA.

More Information about Covid-Airasia, click here. Here’s the step to contact allstar from AVA:

  • Open Airasia Website
  • Open AVA
  • Choose “Check Booking Status
  • Type: None (for booking number/PNR)
  • Enter your departure city (JOG / CGK / KUL / SIN)
  • Type your last name
  • Click: Talk to Allstar
  • Type your Full Name
  • Type your email address (Airasia BIG)
  • Type: None (for booking number/PNR)
  • Click: Connect to Allstar
  • Wait for a while for the customer support officer connect to you and then you can do the live chat

Don’t forget prepare what you want to ask / request.

Nowadays, Airasia only give Credit Account option for those who wants to cancel their flight. You will need to have Airasia Big Account, and the credit will refund in your Airasia BIG account which available for 1 years and you can use it to buy your next flight (all destinations).

3. Lion Group (Lion Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, Thai Lion, and Malindo)

For Lion Group, you can reschedule your flight (fare difference apply) and Travel Voucher if you want to cancel your Flight. And this can be process at Lion Air Office.

You can contact Lion Air for more information:

Lion Air, Batik Air and Wings Air — more information

Malindo Air — more information

Thai Lion — more information

4. Citilink

Please call Citilink Call Center for further information: 0804 1 080808 — more information

5. Sriwijaya / Nam Air

Passenger could reschedule their flight free waiver fee / cancellation fee but with Fare Difference Fee.

Passenger could reroute their flight with fare difference fee.

Passenger could cancel and refund their flight for flight above 4 hours before departure, with pinalty fee and will get e-voucher which valid for 6 months from issued.

For more information about Sriwijaya, click here.

For other Indonesia flight, please comment below if you want more information. I’m gladly try help you to looking for some information.

Viennetta ~~

This is an dessert from Walls (famous ice cream brand in Indonesia) and once famous at 90th (when I’m younger). This ice cream is very expensive that time. It’s unique because it is like tart cake.

This year, Walls re-make this ice cream and once it came out for sale, many people buy it already. It’s a little different from before, now it has only 1 layer but it’s longer. It still has it’s signature, chocolate and still taste so good.

In my city, you can buy it for IDR 49.500/box (around USD$3,3)

Don’t forget to put it on freezer once you buy it because this ice cream is very easy to melt. You have to freeze it at least 24 hours.