Pok Tunggal Beach (2), Gunung Kidul # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

September 06, 2020

Today, my family goes picnic to the beach. We decided to outing and looking for not too crowded beach in Wonosari. It’s our first outing since the pandemic.

We depart from home around 10am, and buy take away Fried Chicken Suharti in Yogyakarta.

When arrive at Patuk, almost enter Wonosari City, we found this Geopark (near the place where you can see Yogyakarta from above). So we decided to picnic in there. We bring mat, catering box, and rice.

After that, we continue our trip. We arrive at Beach area around 1 o’clock, this time, we try to visit the beach one by one and see which one is the less crowded.

1st and 2nd beach is Kukup beach and Krakal beach. This two beach is the most famous in Gunung Kidul, so we skip it.

3rd beach is Sundak Beach, and it turns out there’s some event in there (I don’t know what’s event), so we decided to go another.

4th beach, is Pok Tunggal Beach, this beach is less crowded. Even when we arrive in there, the car park is full, but not many people in there. So we decided to play in this beach.

There’s a long beach that fill with the swallow seawater, so you can walk further to the middle. There’s many coral in there so you have to be careful, and I suggest, you wear your slippers because there’s so many small animals in there.


We play in there until about 4 o’clock. My nieces is very happy, because they are able to go to beach and play sands.

See you in the next trip.. Keep save and don’t forget to wear mask and social distancing..

Baron Beach, Gunung Kidul (2) # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Again we go to Baron Beach during Lebaran. And we managed to climb to uphill.

Then we eat lunch in here, it’s our favourite restaurant in Baron.

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Pok Tunggal Beach, Gunung Kidul # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Our last destination is Pok Tunggal Beach. From Jogan Beach, you have to go out from Tepus, then to Baron Beach directions. From the entrance, Pok Tunggal Beach is the first beach to reach. And it’s already known by people, so the facility is good.

Why Pok Tunggal? I heard that because there’s only one tree in this beach. But when I get there, there’s another tree beside Pok Tunggal Tree and the Pok Tunggal Tree has been circled with fence. It’s really different with picture from Yogyes.

We got sunset in here. There’s coral cliff in the both side of the beach.

Jogan Beach with Waterfall, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

From Jomblang Cave, we continue our journey to Jogan Beach, which located near Siung Beach and Wedi Ombo Beach. It’s so far. Just go to the Siung Beach direction, then after pass the Siung Beach entrance (IDR 3.000/pax), you will see a sign to Jogan. Turn left and follow the road. They renovated the road, so we have to drove slowly. We could see the karst hill on the way to the beach. The car parking cost IDR 5.000/car.

The beach itself, still not fully opened for tourists, the facility is minimum, but many people come there just to enjoy the scene. We can’t swim in there. The waterfall fall directly to the sea, and this is what made Jogan Beach special and many people come to here.

The sea is on tide position. The staff there said, that in the evening, the sea will be on subside position so we could go down.

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Jomblang Cave, Adventure Vertical Cave, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

After lunch, we continue our journey to Jomblang Cave. We thought that because Jomblang Cave is an attraction place, so the journey to there would be easy. But it’s not. It’s hard to located the place.

Located at Jetis Wetan, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul, we have to passed broken road which only enough for 1 car.

 I have known this place from My Trip Magazine volume 7. It looks interesting. But after I went there, OMG~~ I didn’t think it would be scary.

Firstly, after we arrive at the location, you won’t know that that locations is Jomblang Cave parking. But because there’s no other way, so we park there. Then we found a map that show us the Jomblang Cave structure. But we didn’t see any Cave.

There’s some room like hotel, I don’t know what’s that for. Fortunately, there’s someone in there, so we asking about Jomblang Cave. It turned out that we have to walk to arrive at the cave. And because we arrive there at 13:30, the cave already close. We have to arrive before 09:00 o’clock in the morning to experience the adventure.

There’s 2 way to experience it, you can buy the package for IDR 450.000/pax (include lunch, and took 3 to 4 hours) and the operator will take you down there using the equipment. Or if you have climbing skill, you could climb by your own.

I thought that the cave is small like a little hole. But it’s big. With depth 60m so it looks scary.

When we arrive there, there’s a group that climbing by their own. They said that they camp in there. Wow… ~~

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Sri Gethuk Waterfall, Bleberan Village, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Another trip to survey place for pre-wedding photos. Departure from 08:00 in the morning, then breakfast at Babi Guling Bima Kroda, after that we go to Playen which before we arrive to Wonosari, turn left. Our first destination is Air Terjun Sri Gethuk or Sri Gethuk Waterfall.

It’s a long way to go there. We entering Bleberan Village which cost IDR 2.000/pax. Then just follow the instruction to go to the waterfall.

Arrive at the entrance, we still need to ride car to the parking lot. It tooks almost 20 minutes from the entrance. Car parking fee is IDR 5.000/car.

Then we still need to walk to the waterfall area. In the middle of the path, there’s tree-section. If you want to ride boat, then turn left, but if you just want to enjoy the waterfall, turn right. When we came, the river is overflow, so the boat didn’t operated. Becareful, because of the overflow, the path is slippery.

It’s really crowded maybe because it’s Sunday. Too many people in there, I even can’t see the waterfall.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is one of attraction place in Dusun Menggoran, Bleberan Village, Playen – Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. It is located on side of Oya River.

– Wikipedia 
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I saw in the picture, we can also Body Rafting. If the water didn’t overflow, the water will be green colour and looks fresh.

Indrayanti Beach, Gunung Kidul # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

It took approximately 30 to 50 minutes from Baron beach to Indrayanti Beach. Indrayanti Beach located in the east coast of Sundak Beach.

I think the beach is a little different from the other beach in there. The water is more clear, and we can swim in there. No much rocks. In the beachside, there’s a row of restaurant and cafe. We can watch the scenery while eating.

The sun shines brightly, and it’s really hot. The beach side is clean, which make us comfortable to walk along the seaside.

No ticket entrance to this beach, but if you want to sit down in one of the gazebo, you have to buy food. And if you rent a car, you have to pay for the car parking fee.

Baron Beach, Gunung Kidul # Special Region of Yogyakarta ~ Indonesia

Baron Beach, is one of the beautiful beach in Indonesia. With its scene and seafood, attracting many tourism to visit. Even this beach is not for swim, because the big wave and so many rocks. But it’s still beautiful. Actually, Baron Beach is a bay, which located between two hill on the right and left.

Ticket entrance: IDR 5000 (not include car park fee).

This beach is unique, because has a meeting between plain water and the sea. The plain water is from a river that disembogue at one corner of Baron beach. There’s a small pool in the corner which can be used to swim, and then there’s a small river which flow from the small pool to the sea. The flow was so strong, you have to be carefull, especially for children, because sometimes it will be deep and you don’t know that in a blink you already arrive at the sea.

The beach is also been used as a dork by the fisherman. That’s why There is a fish market, which you can choose your own seafood, and ask for the villagers to cook it. The seafood is fresh, and delicious.

How to go here? This beach located 65km from Yogyakarta. You can go here by rent a car. It is located in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari sub-district, or approximately 20km in the south of Wonosari City.

You can climb the hill on the left, which there’s a path that make it easier. Just pay for IDR 1.000, and you can see the beautiful sea from uphill. Don’t forget to use sunblock, or you will get sunburn.