Jomblang Cave, Adventure Vertical Cave, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

After lunch, we continue our journey to Jomblang Cave. We thought that because Jomblang Cave is an attraction place, so the journey to there would be easy. But it’s not. It’s hard to located the place.

Located at Jetis Wetan, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul, we have to passed broken road which only enough for 1 car.

 I have known this place from My Trip Magazine volume 7. It looks interesting. But after I went there, OMG~~ I didn’t think it would be scary.

Firstly, after we arrive at the location, you won’t know that that locations is Jomblang Cave parking. But because there’s no other way, so we park there. Then we found a map that show us the Jomblang Cave structure. But we didn’t see any Cave.

There’s some room like hotel, I don’t know what’s that for. Fortunately, there’s someone in there, so we asking about Jomblang Cave. It turned out that we have to walk to arrive at the cave. And because we arrive there at 13:30, the cave already close. We have to arrive before 09:00 o’clock in the morning to experience the adventure.

There’s 2 way to experience it, you can buy the package for IDR 450.000/pax (include lunch, and took 3 to 4 hours) and the operator will take you down there using the equipment. Or if you have climbing skill, you could climb by your own.

I thought that the cave is small like a little hole. But it’s big. With depth 60m so it looks scary.

When we arrive there, there’s a group that climbing by their own. They said that they camp in there. Wow… ~~

– Yogyes
– Kompas Travel
– Tempo


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