Baron Beach, Gunung Kidul # Special Region of Yogyakarta ~ Indonesia

Baron Beach, is one of the beautiful beach in Indonesia. With its scene and seafood, attracting many tourism to visit. Even this beach is not for swim, because the big wave and so many rocks. But it’s still beautiful. Actually, Baron Beach is a bay, which located between two hill on the right and left.

Ticket entrance: IDR 5000 (not include car park fee).

This beach is unique, because has a meeting between plain water and the sea. The plain water is from a river that disembogue at one corner of Baron beach. There’s a small pool in the corner which can be used to swim, and then there’s a small river which flow from the small pool to the sea. The flow was so strong, you have to be carefull, especially for children, because sometimes it will be deep and you don’t know that in a blink you already arrive at the sea.

The beach is also been used as a dork by the fisherman. That’s why There is a fish market, which you can choose your own seafood, and ask for the villagers to cook it. The seafood is fresh, and delicious.

How to go here? This beach located 65km from Yogyakarta. You can go here by rent a car. It is located in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari sub-district, or approximately 20km in the south of Wonosari City.

You can climb the hill on the left, which there’s a path that make it easier. Just pay for IDR 1.000, and you can see the beautiful sea from uphill. Don’t forget to use sunblock, or you will get sunburn.


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