Roll Cake

September 30th, 2020 Today, I made roll cake for my brother's birthday. This is my first time to make roll cake after 10 years. It's not too smoothly but taste delicious.

Homemade Topping Pizza

September 26, 2020 Homemade Topping Pizza has simple ingredients. You just need to buy Instant Pizza Bread in Supermarket, and add your favourite topping such as minched beef, sausage, mozzarela, chedar cheese, etc. Put everything on the instant bread, with tomato sauce and pepper if you like, or any season that you like, and … Continue reading Homemade Topping Pizza


Blackpepper Sauce

September 12th, 2020 Because of Pandemic Covid-19, it's really worrysome if we come out to eat something. And I spend most of 2020 at home, and self cooking. I looking for many recipe in the internet and try to cook by my self. One of them is beef steak. Eating steak, will need some … Continue reading Blackpepper Sauce

Mount Merapi illuminated by the Sunrise, Magelang Regency # Central Java – Indonesia

August 26, 2020 Today we are hashing near Kedung Kayang Waterfall. Because I have a plan to trekking in Mountain on September, so today I decided to join long trek. We won't visit the Kedung Kayang Waterfall, instead walk another path. Kedung Kayang waterfall located in Wonolelo, from Magelang go to Blabak, and turn … Continue reading Mount Merapi illuminated by the Sunrise, Magelang Regency # Central Java – Indonesia


I have a new hobby, actually, I wants to do this hobby quiet a long time ago. But each time I have plan, and the plan is always only a plan. Sometimes, I even forgot if I have plan of vlogging. hehe... Actually, I want to really doing it when my trip to New Zealand … Continue reading VLog

Berkat Garuda Indonesia, Saya bisa mengunjungi Jember

Sewaktu saya cek email, tiba-tiba terlihat email dari Garuda Indonesia dengan subjek "Bagi Kisah Perjalanan Anda, Menangkan Tiket Garuda Indonesia Gratis!". Wow... Kebetulan saya suka menulis kisah perjalanan saya, hanya saja karena keterbatasan waktu, jadi masih tertahan dengan trip tahun lalu. Akhirnya, hari ini saya sempatkan untuk menulis blog, untuk ikut kompetisi ini. Jember, adalah sebuah … Continue reading Berkat Garuda Indonesia, Saya bisa mengunjungi Jember