Homemade Topping Pizza

September 26, 2020 https://youtu.be/LW_PLONQY-s Homemade Topping Pizza has simple ingredients. You just need to buy Instant Pizza Bread in Supermarket, and add your favourite topping such as minched beef, sausage, mozzarela, chedar cheese, etc. Put everything on the instant bread, with tomato sauce and pepper if you like, or any season that you like, and … Continue reading Homemade Topping Pizza

Fried Cheese

I'm craving for cheese, so today, I make fried cheese. It's simple. Ingredients:- Cheese Melt / Mozarella (Mozarella is a little expensive here, so I just use cheese melt)- Bread flour- 1 Egg How to make?- Cut the cheese melt into dice, or any shape you want. Dip it into the egg, and cover it … Continue reading Fried Cheese