Fried Cheese

I’m craving for cheese, so today, I make fried cheese. It’s simple.

– Cheese Melt / Mozarella (Mozarella is a little expensive here, so I just use cheese melt)
– Bread flour
– 1 Egg

How to make?
– Cut the cheese melt into dice, or any shape you want. Dip it into the egg, and cover it with Bread flour. Make sure to cover everything.
– Repeat the action, 3 times or more, until the cheese really covered.
– Heat the pan and oil, and put the covered cheese into the pan. Once it looks brown, then flip it. Don’t flip it too much or you will broke the surface and the cheese melt will come out.
– It only need less than 10 minutes to cook it. If you cover the cheese properly, then the cheese fried will not broken, and the cheese will not come out.
– Serve while hot, so the cheese still on melting condition.


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