Pork and Indonesian Food, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today, me, my brother and my sister-in-law decided to buy delivery for roasted pork and Pork with Soy Sauce from my brother’s friend. We curious how it taste.

It’s not to cheap, so we decided to buy 2 kind of meal only IDR 50.000. And, because we are afraid that the portion is too small, so we decided to buy some meal from one of famous stand that serve Indonesian food, located near Tukangan Market. They serve fried noodle, vegetables stir fry, and etc. We buy Fried Noodle, and Jangan Jipang / Labu Siam, or famous with Chayote only for IDR 2.000 each.

And… the roasted pork and soy sauce pork is really serve in small portion. Maybe only for 1 person.

I think the pork meal is not too tasty.


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