Roll Cake

September 30th, 2020

Today, I made roll cake for my brother’s birthday. This is my first time to make roll cake after 10 years. It’s not too smoothly but taste delicious.

Homemade Topping Pizza

September 26, 2020

Homemade Topping Pizza has simple ingredients. You just need to buy Instant Pizza Bread in Supermarket, and add your favourite topping such as minched beef, sausage, mozzarela, chedar cheese, etc.

Put everything on the instant bread, with tomato sauce and pepper if you like, or any season that you like, and then bake it in 180 degree celcius for about 20 minutes or until the bread cook enough. If you like crispy, you can bake it longer.

It’s simple, and can be made anytime.

Red Bean Paste

September 05, 2020

I want to make some Cold cake, and I need Red Bean Paste. So, I decided today to make the red bean paste.

What you need?
– Red Bean 250 gr (soak in the water for 1 night)
– Sugar 330 gr
– cooking oil 50 ml
– glutinous rice flour 2 tablespoon + water 3 tablespoon
– salt 1/4 teaspoon

How to make?
– Clean the red bean and soak in the water for 1 night
– Boil the red bean with 1 litre water, after boiled, lower the fire to low heat, close the lids and boil around 2 hours.
– Blend the red bean or if you didn’t have any blended, then you can use sleve, press the red bean in the sleve until soft
– Put the red bean in the non-stick frying pan, mix with sugar, oil, salt and glutinous rice flour which already dissolved in the water.
– Cook until smooth.
– The Red Bean Paste is ready to use.
– if you make too many, put the rest inside the plastic wrap and put it in the freezer.

Fluffy Puff Pancake (2)

This is my 2nd trial making this cute and yummy Fluffy Puff Pancake. And still the shape is not too good but it’s getting delicious and better.

What you need?

  • 1 pcs egg (separate the white and yellow)
  • 30gr flour
  • A little Vanilli Paste
  • 15gr Milk
  • 0.5gr Salt
  • 30gr Sugar

How to make?

Whisk yellow egg, flour, vanilli paste, milk and salt together until it mix well.

Mixer the white egg for about 3 minutes with high speed, and every 30 minutes put the 1/3 sugar inside while the mixer on.

Mix the Batter together, mix well.

Prepare the frying pan, put a little butter, spread well. Use small fire. Then use bowl spoon / ice cream scoop spoon, take the batter and put it on the frying pan. Do it for about 2-3 times (depend on your batter).

My batter still not stiff enough (still a little moist) so when I put the batter, it spread on the frying pan. So I give about 4 spoon batter for one pancake. Don’t put it together, but see if the first one already 1/3 cooked.

Do it for the rest batter.

For topping, you can add anything. This time I’m using Silverqueen, chocolate bar (melt it on the stove and give a little water).

Tadaa.. This is my breakfast today.

If you succeed to make it thick (about 2-3cm height) then you succeed make Fluffy Puff Pancake.

Choco Mille Crepe

I got the recipe from here:, it’s Purple Mille Crepe, but I change the purple yam, into cocoa.

Crepe Ingredient:
– 2pcs Egg
– 20gram Unsalted Butter
– 100gram Flour
– 50gram Sugar
– 300cc Milk

Cream Ingredient:
– 90gram Cream Cheese
– 40gram Sugar
– 1table spoon Cocoa
– 180gram Heavy Whipped Cream (Solid)

Decoration: 1/2 teaspoon Cocoa

How to make the Crepe?
– Mixed the egg
– Heat the butter
– Mixed flour, sugar until mix well, and add the egg little by little until soft
– Add the milk a little by little (at least 3 times)
– Add the butter
– Heat the pan, and give butter on the surface. Pour 1 soup spoon, spread into thin crepe. And wait until cooked and flip. Cook for about 10 minutes.
– Keep repeated until have 15-18 pcs.
– Keep it cool in the refrigerator

How to make the Cream?
– Mixed Cream Cheese, sugar, cocoa, and heavy whipped cream until grown 70% and hard.

After the crepe is cold enough (don’t use the hot one, because he cream will be broken), put the crepe, then the cream, and another crepe, and cream, until all the crepe. Then, put the cocoa / icing sugar in the top for decoration.

Serve cold.

*Sorry for bad translations, I used the recipe in the video, and try to make it by myself. And because the crepe still hot, so the result is not good enough.

Steamed Bun (2)

Steamed Bun (1)

Today, I’m making steamed mung bean to fill the steamed bun which I will make tomorrow. 

Original Steamed Mung Bean
Black Steamed Mung Bean

Donut (1)

Finally, first try making donut after 8 years. Actually, I have forget how to make it. So, let’s do this.

This recipe I got when I take Making Donut Course 8 years ago. And I give my own modifications.

My family’s favourite is, mix the donut with Icing Sugar. It’s yummy, even the form is not too good. haha..

Steamed Bun (2)

Today is the 1st time I made Steamed Bun. At first, I didn’t know how to make the form well. The filling is in the outside of the skin. But after 1st and 2nd try, Finally… 🙂