Choco Mille Crepe

I got the recipe from here:, it’s Purple Mille Crepe, but I change the purple yam, into cocoa.

Crepe Ingredient:
– 2pcs Egg
– 20gram Unsalted Butter
– 100gram Flour
– 50gram Sugar
– 300cc Milk

Cream Ingredient:
– 90gram Cream Cheese
– 40gram Sugar
– 1table spoon Cocoa
– 180gram Heavy Whipped Cream (Solid)

Decoration: 1/2 teaspoon Cocoa

How to make the Crepe?
– Mixed the egg
– Heat the butter
– Mixed flour, sugar until mix well, and add the egg little by little until soft
– Add the milk a little by little (at least 3 times)
– Add the butter
– Heat the pan, and give butter on the surface. Pour 1 soup spoon, spread into thin crepe. And wait until cooked and flip. Cook for about 10 minutes.
– Keep repeated until have 15-18 pcs.
– Keep it cool in the refrigerator

How to make the Cream?
– Mixed Cream Cheese, sugar, cocoa, and heavy whipped cream until grown 70% and hard.

After the crepe is cold enough (don’t use the hot one, because he cream will be broken), put the crepe, then the cream, and another crepe, and cream, until all the crepe. Then, put the cocoa / icing sugar in the top for decoration.

Serve cold.

*Sorry for bad translations, I used the recipe in the video, and try to make it by myself. And because the crepe still hot, so the result is not good enough.


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