Roll Cake

September 30th, 2020 Today, I made roll cake for my brother's birthday. This is my first time to make roll cake after 10 years. It's not too smoothly but taste delicious.

90th Birthday

August 30, 2020 Every year, we are celebrating our birthday. One year, one time. And sometimes, when you passed someone's birthday, you will think, there's another one next year. Do you know, each age only comes once in a year. You won't celebrate 17th birthday twice. So, each birthday is very meaningful. Especially when you … Continue reading 90th Birthday


My Birthday Gift

I met my best friends today, we hang-out together. And they give me a cute gift... 거마워요...

Happy Birthday to Me… *sing*

Happy Birthday to Me... 祝我生日快乐。。 생일 죽개 합니다! Selamat Ulang Tahun.. Today is my birthday, and I'm turning 21th... haha... 21th + 10.. Mmm... Wish all the best for me...

Dinner Birthday Party # Beijing – China

It's my friend birthday party and she treat us dinner.