Liulichang Culture Street 流利厂文化街 & Qianmen 前门 # Beijing – China

Today, we visit Liulichang Culture Street 流利厂文化街. My friends wants to looking for somethine in there. Liulichang Culture Street 流利厂文化街 is the most famous cultural block divided by the South Xinhua Road into eastern and western sections. The street smacks of antiquity and is full of fragrance of ink. Stroll along the street and you … Continue reading Liulichang Culture Street 流利厂文化街 & Qianmen 前门 # Beijing – China


Dinner Farewell UIBE Yi Jia Ren Family 一家人

Today, we held a farewell dinner because some of our friends will go back home for good. We celebrate it at my friend's apartment and dinner homemade food.

Dinner Birthday Party # Beijing – China

It's my friend birthday party and she treat us dinner.

Beijing Capital Museum 首都博物馆 # China

The Capital Museum 首都博物馆 is an art museum in Beijing, China. It opened in 1981 and moved into its present building in 2006, which houses a large collection of ancient porcelain, bronze, calligraphy, painting, jade, sculpture, and Buddhist statues from imperial China as well as other Asian cultures Part of the museum's collections were formerly housed in the Confucius Temple on Guozijian Road in Beijing. The Beijing Capital Museum today contains … Continue reading Beijing Capital Museum 首都博物馆 # China

Mutianyu 慕田峪 Greatwall (2) # Beijing – China

Another trip with UIBE to Mutianyu Greatwall. This time, we determine to climb until the very top (tower 23). Some of us, going upstair using cable car. The sun shine so bright The highest stairs to Tower 23 Rest for a while before climb the stairs The highest tower that we can go in Mutianyu, … Continue reading Mutianyu 慕田峪 Greatwall (2) # Beijing – China

Happy Valley Amusement Park 欢乐谷 (2) # Beijing – China

Another happy time at Happy Valley Amusement Park 欢乐谷. And we play until night is coming. It's beautiful at night.

Summer Holiday Yunnan 云南 Trip # Yunnan – China

I didn't go back home this summer holiday, and my friend, VV ask me if we want to take some tour to other province. We decided to go to to Beijing Tour BTG office, located near Guomao. My friend "A" take his parents to tour using this agent, and he said it's good. Actually, I … Continue reading Summer Holiday Yunnan 云南 Trip # Yunnan – China

Rio BBQ # Beijing – China

It's really summer holiday, and many of our friends back for good or go home for holiday. So it's only our 5 girls stay at the dorm. And every day, we visiting new place to try new restaurant or shopping. This time, we visit Rio BBQ at Wu Dao Kou.

Wangfujing Church 王府井天主堂 / St. Joseph’s Church 大圣若瑟堂 # Beijing – China

Credit: Wikipedia St. Joseph's Church 大圣若瑟堂 commonly known as Wangfujing Church 王府井天主堂 or Dongtang 東堂 is an early 20th-century Romanesque Revival church that is one of the four historic Catholic churches in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Beijing. It is located in the Dongcheng District of the city at 74 Wangfujing Street. The construction of the church was finished in 1655 by Jesuit missionaries. Due to renovations and … Continue reading Wangfujing Church 王府井天主堂 / St. Joseph’s Church 大圣若瑟堂 # Beijing – China

Obiwan Cafe # Beijing – China

Still in holiday mode. Our activity is hop on-hop off cafe in Beijing. XD This week, we go to Obiwan Cafe.