Tteokbokki 떡볶이 by My Korean Friend # Beijing – China

I have so many classmates from many country when studying Chinese Language in Beijing. And most of us become best friends.

One of my Korean friend invite me and my Japanese friend to eat lunch at her apartment. And when we arrive at her apartment (her apartment located in Wang Jing area), she has already cooked Tteokbokki 떡볶이 for us. And this is the most delicious Tteokbokki 떡볶이 that I have ever ate.

Tteokbokki 떡볶이 is one of famous street food in South Korea and also called stir-fried rice cakes.

School Trip to Beijing World Park 北京世界公园 # Beijing – China

As usual, at the last week of the month, the school will arrange trip to an attraction place in Beijing. And this month (May 2007), they take us to go to Beijing World Park 北京世界公园 beijing shijie gongyuan. (wikipedia)

Beijing World Park 北京世界公园 is a theme park that attempts to give visitors the chance to see the world without having to leave Beijing. The park covers 46.7 hectares and is located in the southwestern Fengtai District of Beijing. It is about 17 km from Tiananmen, the City center, and 40 km from the Capital International Airport. The park opened in 1993 and is estimated to receive 1.5 million visitors annually.

Scenic area

The scenic area of the park models itself after the naturalistic layout of the globe, representing the four major oceans, and focusing on five continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. The park contains about a hundred (109) scaled-down replicas of famous landmarks from nearly 40 countries and regions around the world, including the Tower Bridge in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Great Pyramids in Egypt. There is even a miniature Manhattan, complete with twin towers of the World Trade Center. Each landmark represents its country or region of origin and is situated in the park according to its location on the map.

Close attention to detail was paid in modeling these landmarks after their originals. For example, detailed carvings and ornamentations are included. Even the materials used are modeled after their originals to create the most authentic look possible. For example, the replica of the Great Pyramids was constructed of 200,000 white marble bricks, each as large as a bar of soap. Red Square in Russia, is replicated by paving the smaller model in World Park with over 5 million red bricks smaller than mahjong tiles.

There’s an incident in this park. When we first coming, we take picture in one of scenic area. And my friends falls from upstairs and broken her arms. It’s really terrifying. The teacher ask the park staff to call the ambulance, and he take her to the nearest hospital. So, while you are taking picture, please always becareful.


Trip to Summer Palace 颐和园 with UIBE # Beijing – China

Today we went to trip with school. And we went to Beijing Summer Palace 颐和园 yiheyuan.

This Summer Palace is very large, we walk around about 3-4 hours but still haven’t go each of the corner. The palace is beautiful, especially when spring come and many flowers bloom. And it’s not too hot, because there’s combination of ponds, and many big tree that make the weather is cool.

We walk around the Kunming Lake. Actually, we are lost and don’t know where to go. We just walk along the way, until we got tired.

This bridge is the unique one. There’s a lot of architecture like this in there, which still has Chinese culture in it. Until we arrive at a temple.

the view is very beautiful

To go to Summer Palace from UIBE, you need to ride bus. I think that time, there’s still no subway to go there. And it took about 1 hour and a half.

Visit Temple of Heaven 天坛 # Beijing – China

We went to Temple of Heaven this Saturday.

Temple of Heaven or 天坛 tiantan is a complex of religious buildings situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing. We went there by subway, then change to bus.

Too many people went there on weekends. If you only have a few days, then don’t go there on weekends.

You have to walk quiet far from the entrance.

Temple of Heave

Enjoy Cherry Blossom at Yuyuantan Park 玉渊潭公园 and Dinner Minbao Hotpot Restaurant # Beijing – China

It’s saturday, so we decided to go for a trip. Today, we went to Yuyuantan Park (玉渊潭公园). They said, in here you can see Cherry Blossom Tree and this month it’s the first time they bloom to welcoming the spring.


The place quiet far. We go there by bus after browsing bus number at (I’m sorry, I forgot the number of bus).

The garden near CCTV Tower. Once you are in front of the garden, you can see CCTV Tower. CCTV is the most famous TV company at China.

And we can also saw some part of the park.

It’s weekend, see there’s sooooo many people in there enjoy the early of spring season. But it’s beautiful inside. If you have time, you can go here.

Cherry Blossom

After walking around, we went to Minbao Hotpot Restaurant 民宝火锅城 minbao huoguo cheng. A lot of foreigner students know this place, and said, that this place is delicious, and it’s indeed delicious. We love it. Every people got their own pot to cook, and the sauce is delicious.

The address:
Hǎidiàn Qū Huāyuán Dōng Lù 8 Hào
Telp : +861082036598

Opening Hours: Everyday, 9:30 a.m.-12:00 a.m.

The place always crowded with people. But if you go here, prepare to be smelly after you eating.

Night Trip to Houhai Bar Street / Sichahai Lake Hutong # Beijing – China

Today, we went to Houhai Bar Street. It’s a street full of bar. Located near Hutongs. We went here by taxi, just say Houhai. But some taxi driver, maybe didn’t know where’s houhai, so just say Sichahai Hu, near Hutongs.

We went there at night, and I still don’t know how to take night picture using my Sony Camera. So here’s some dark picture.


South Cathedral 南堂 (2) # Beijing – China

Sunday, time to go to South Cathedral 南堂 nantang again. And lucky me, I could took photos for the inside of Cathedral.

Go to 宣武门 Xuanwumen Station exit B2 to go to this cathedral.

another page about South Cathedral: 1st article

Trip to 幕天宇长城 Mutianyu Greatwall with UIBE, at night go to Pepper Bars and Clubs # Beijing – China

Every end of the month, UIBE for Chinese Language Course, held a trip together. And this day, is the first trip. We go to 长城 Greatwall. There’s so many part of Greatwall. In Beijing, there’s 3 part: 八达岭 长城 Badaling Greatwall, 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall, and Shimatai Greatwall. This time, we go to 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall.


There’s 22 watchtower at 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall. Because I enjoy took photos much, we didn’t have a chance to reach the top watchtower.

And for go downstair, we ride slide. It’s fun, and less tired.

Path from Bus parking to Greatwall Entrance
View from Entrance
It’s the end of winter and the start of spring
The Mutianyu Greatwall
View from Greatwall
Mutianyu Greatwall
Mutianyu Greatwall, still long path
Mutianyu Greatwall
The view from onf of Watchtower
If you can’t walk to long, then there’s cable car to go upstair, even not until the top.
We are going down, seems so high

The trip finished in the afternoon. Then my friends decided to go to the bars because today is Saturday. So I tag along. We went to Pepper Bars & Club. I never been at bar before, so this is my first time. Too bad, I didn’t have the photos of the bar. We go there by Taxi.


First time goes KTV # Beijing – China

I’m very lucky, my friends like to singing. And here’s that KTV in China is very famous, then we decided to try it. There’s one KTV near UIBE. We often see it when we go outside from North gate.

KTV is a singing place. But because we are in China, so never wish for English / other language songs in here. All the songs here is in Chinese and using Chinese Character, no Pinyin. So if you didn’t memorize the lyrics, you can save it in your smartphone XD..

I forgot the KTV name, it’s a small one and near the university. We go there once at night. (I think the name is – 钟情星河俱乐部KTV (北京市东城区和平里东街12号 – 12 Hepingli E St, Dongcheng, Beijing, Tiongkok)

PS: we only went there once, and then next time, we go to another better KTV

Another side of 王府井 Wangfujing Street # Beijing – China

Today we go to 王府井 Wangfujing again, but at night. We visit another side of Wangfujing Street: Wangfujing Snack Street, which sell a lot of traditional stuff. There’s some stall that sell unique things to eat too.

The street located in the middle of Wangfujing Street. There’s a big gate with traditional carving, which you can find it easily.

Once you enter the gate, you will see some unique snack, and traditional house.