HSK5 Result and sudden tought to pursued Master Degree

May 11th, 2021

Today the HSK5 result is come out. And unexpected, I passed it with more than 70% score. Actually, I’m very surprised too because I feel that I didn’t doing well when exam.

The minimum score for HSK5 to passed is 180 (60%). If you passed HSK5, means you have a greater chance to be accepted in work (no matter in where) and also you can study Degree in China.

So with this HSK5 score, I thought why not try to apply for master degree in China?

Since 2010, I really want to pursued my study but chance hasn’t come. So this time, I want to try. After got the permission from my parents, then I’m looking for the major information in some China’s University. No matter what is the result, as long as I have tried, then I think it’s worth.


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