The exam day HSK5

April 24th, 2021

It’s the day. The exam took place at 13:30 until 15:30. At 12:30, I have prepare already at the exam place and place all the laptop, smartphone and tripod in the destinated place according when we are doing the simulation. The examiner check our id (passport) then exam ID. Then at 13:00, they ask us to enter the application, and login using our exam ID.

And then after entering the exam page, we are waiting for the 13:30 exam time. It will automatically enter the exam page.

At 13:30, the exam start.

Actually, it’s very difficult. I never imagine that HSK5 material almost like reading a news or spesific article. Even tough HSK5 is for those who knows 2500 more Chinese words, but still seems like there’s so many words that I didn’t recognise. I only able to guess and answer according to what I understand so far. And also I have to match with the time. This is why you have to learn 阅读 (yue du).

And eventough we are using laptop to read, listen and also writing, but the HSK system can’t give us for the next character in Chinese, and this is why we really have to know the chinese character. Nowadays, because of smartphone, makes us easy to write Chinese character using pinyin, because it gives us hints for what is the next or if we write whole pinyin, they will give us the right suggestions, which make us easy to write in smartphone.

At 15:30, it finished. And because it’s too tense, My body feel sore.

I didn’t have much hope, I just want to know what’s level my Chinese at.

The teacher said the result will come out at 11th May because there’s a Labor Holiday in China. It’s a long waiting.


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