Choosing University and Major for Master Degree in China

May 14th, 2021

At first, I’m looking for Tourism Management course because I’m working as Travel Agency. And I choose Beijing, so after some research, I choose Beijing International Studies University 北京第二外国语学院 with majoring in Tourism Management 旅游管理.

But after looking for some information, I suddenly interesting in TV Programming and Directing, or something like multimedia creation. So I started to looking for some information and found 转播 broadcasting / communication in Shanghai International Studies University 上海外国语大学. Eventough it’s called Communication, but based on it’s summary, I will learn how to understand audio and video making, and planning the program. I like to make vlogging, so I think this one will be useful in the future.

I apply those two university. After got the recommendation letter from one of my professor in Undergraduate University and the Chinese Language teacher in one of language center in Beijing because she is my teacher now.

There’s no application fee in BISU, but there’s RMB 800 to apply at SISU.

After applied, seems like there’s something lacking. And then my classmates suddenly inform me, why not apply at Zhejiang Normal University 浙江师范大学 just like her because my majoring also available in there and after read the summary, I think it’s more suitable to me, because besides TV planning, multimedia, audio, and learn how to be reporter, there’s documentary too. So I decided to apply for it too with majoring 广播电视 (Broadcasting) — Master of Fine Arts (MFA).


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