July 08, 2020 I'm craving for Tteokbokki. Tteok-bokki (떡볶이; also spelled ddukbokki) or stir-fried rice cakes is a popular Korean food made from small-sized garae-tteok (long, white, cylinder-shaped rice cakes) called tteokmyeon (떡면; "rice cake noodles") or commonly tteok-bokki-tteok (떡볶이 떡; "tteok-bokki rice cakes"). Eomuk (fish cakes), boiled eggs, and scallions are some common ingredients paired with tteok-bokki in dishes. It can be seasoned with either spicy gochujang (chili paste) or non-spicy ganjang (soy sauce)-based sauce; the … Continue reading Tteokbokki


No More Sticker Visa for South Korea Visa

Starting July 01, 2020, South Korea Visa will stop using sticker visa. According KVAC (Korea Visa Application Center) in Jakarta, Indonesia, they will change sticker visa to visa grant notice which can be downloaded on Visa portal website and print it. For more information, please visit KVAC website Picture Source: KVAC_ID instagram To see the … Continue reading No More Sticker Visa for South Korea Visa

Royal Natural Placenta BB by The Saem

Another cosmetics that I bought when I'm in South Korea, is the Saem Royal Natural Placenta BB. The Saem Royal Natural Placenta BB have SPF 30 PA++ (UV Protection + Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle). It's a functional cosmetic. The 5-in-1 premium nourishing and moisturizing BB makes skin moisturized and elastic with Vegetable Placenta. It's Cover, Tone … Continue reading Royal Natural Placenta BB by The Saem

Gold Snail Wrinkle Plumper 2x power by The Saem

One of my favourite cosmetics product from South Korea is The Saem. I like to use The Saem Jeju Fresh Aloe Shooting Gel 95%. I feel that it has good result for my skin, even not too obvious (slowly but sure). Last time, on January 2020, I went to South Korea for open trip, and … Continue reading Gold Snail Wrinkle Plumper 2x power by The Saem

South Korea Multiple Visa

South Korea Visa?When people hearing about applying for South Korea Visa, a lot of people has already feel it's complicated, because too many documents that needed for apply a visa. But here's it is, this month I try to apply for South Korea Multiple Visa. One of condition to apply Multiple Visa is, you had went … Continue reading South Korea Multiple Visa

Movie :: Battleship Island (Korea) (2017)

Credit:- IMDB- Wikipedia The Battleship Island (Hangul: 군함도; Hanja: 軍艦島; RR: Gunhamdo) is a 2017 South Korean film starring Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki and Lee Jung-hyun. It is a Japanese occupation-era film about an attempted prison break from a forced labor camp on Hashima Island. Synopsis:About a group of about 400 Korean workers who risk … Continue reading Movie :: Battleship Island (Korea) (2017)

2016 KGSP-Graduate announcement is out now

So, who still wants to apply for full Scholarship in Korea? The announcement is out now. The notice available on 2nd Feb 2016. But, you have to go to KGSP home to notice it. Website: After you click those link (with red circle), you will directly go to this link: Then click again the red … Continue reading 2016 KGSP-Graduate announcement is out now

2015 KGSP-Graduate — 2nd Selections by NIIED

Today is the 2nd selections notice. And it come out in the evening (as usual).It's a pity, I didn't passed the 2nd selections, because in the 2nd selections, you will compete with applicants from your country. For university, only there's 10 people from Indonesia that will got the scholarship.  And I'm not in that 10 … Continue reading 2015 KGSP-Graduate — 2nd Selections by NIIED

2015 KGSP-Graduate — SMU Interview Schedule

Sookmyung Women's University interview for KGSP 2015 is out. Check their notice. Link: I got interview on 3rd April at 11:00 Korean Time, which means 09:00 at Indonesian Time. Nervous? No.. I really feel relax this time, no under pressure, because I always remind myself that this is only trying. Everything happens for a reason.

2015 KGSP-Graduate — Email from SMU

After the phone call, then they send the email. It consists the same, notify me that they have received the documents, and ask me to check the notice at SMU website on 2nd April 2015, about interview time at 3rd April 2015.