2016 KGSP-Graduate announcement is out now

So, who still wants to apply for full Scholarship in Korea? The announcement is out now. The notice available on 2nd Feb 2016. But, you have to go to KGSP home to notice it.

Website: http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/main.do

After you click those link (with red circle), you will directly go to this link:

Then click again the red circle link, and you can find the notice.

Download all the attachement list, and read carefully every point. The applications form available on DOCX file, so you don’t need to convert the PDF file to DOCX file.

Typed all the applications (not hand writing), call / email the embassy in your country or the university you would like to apply about the deadline and documents.

Korean Embassy in Indonesia’s Notice: http://idn.mofa.go.kr/worldlanguage/asia/idn/mission/notice/index.jsp

2015 KGSP-Graduate — 2nd Selections by NIIED

Today is the 2nd selections notice. And it come out in the evening (as usual).
It’s a pity, I didn’t passed the 2nd selections, because in the 2nd selections, you will compete with applicants from your country.

For university, only there’s 10 people from Indonesia that will got the scholarship.  And I’m not in that 10 people.

Mmm.. It’s a strict competition. Everything is beyond of luck. So, will I try again next year? 😀

Credit: http://studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/gks/selectBoardArticle.do;jsessionid=26AE4D3274AFC41DF3EB989BAEAA91B0.node_20

2015 KGSP-Graduate — Interview from SMU for 1st nomanees

It’s today, my interview.

I don’t know where should I be to accept the calling. So I just let it be.

I got a call from Sookmyung Women’s University but I didn’t hear it because I’m still preparing to go to work. Then they call again at 07:21, they wants to remind me about interview which will took in 2 hours.

I go to office at 08:00, and waiting in there. But I feel that it’s so noisy because my office is on renovating. So I decided at 08:45 go to KFC while eat breakfast, and also receive the phone call.

Then at 09:04, another call is coming. There’s 2 professor that interview me. One of them ask me if I could speak Korean, and I said I can’t. Then they said they will interview me using English.

They ask me to introduce myself first.

Then ask me,
– how did I know about sookmyung women’s university?
– your precious major is different from HMBA, why I want to study HMBA?
– after finished, what will you do?
– what did I do as travel agent?

Mmm.. It’s different from last year. And maybe the signal is not too good, when one of them ask me something, suddenly the phone call was drop off. But they call me again and said that’s enough, and ask me if I had questions?

Mmm… I don’t know, because it’s just the 1st screening. I don’t want to ask something before everything is decided. So I just said, that I don’t have any questions right now.

Then they said goodbye and said, “hope to see you soon”.

Really, this year it’s really different interview. I could answer with smoothly, without nervous. I just learn that if you like what you do, then you won’t be nervous. I just think the interview as a normal conversations. I didn’t think anything about the scholarship. I just think that they ask, and I will answer.

Now I just wait for the notice.

2015 KGSP-Graduate — SMU Interview Schedule

Sookmyung Women’s University interview for KGSP 2015 is out. Check their notice.

Link: http://e.sookmyung.ac.kr/notice/view.jsp?cmsCd=CM0341&ntNo=180&dvsn=&src=&srcTemp=&currtPg=1&fix=

I got interview on 3rd April at 11:00 Korean Time, which means 09:00 at Indonesian Time. Nervous? No.. I really feel relax this time, no under pressure, because I always remind myself that this is only trying. Everything happens for a reason.

2015 KGSP-Graduate — Email from SMU

After the phone call, then they send the email. It consists the same, notify me that they have received the documents, and ask me to check the notice at SMU website on 2nd April 2015, about interview time at 3rd April 2015.

2015 KGSP-Graduate — 1st Phone Call from SMU

In the morning, while I’m working, suddenly there’s a phone call from Korea. It’s from SMU. They tell me that they have already received my applications, and I have to check the SMU notice at website at 2nd April 2015 about the time of interview.

It’s different from last year. Last year, they only send me email about document received. This year, they call every applicants, also to check applicants phone number. 

The interview will be hold on 3rd April 2015, and they will announce the time at 2nd April 2015. 

I have checked EMS tracking website, my documents arrive only 4 days works since I send the documents. Wow, it’s so fast. This year, I didn’t send any email to them. I thought that just let it be.

If I have a chance, then It will be my fate. 

If not, then let it be, life must go on.

2015 KGSP-Graduate — Send the documents to Sookmyung Women’s University

I decided, today is the right time to send my documents to Sookmyung Women’s University at Korea by EMS. It cost IDR 189.200.

If you send the documents, my suggestions is, send it in a big brown envelope.

For KGSP, you need to send 1 original set of documents, and 3 copy set of documents. In here, original means not really original. But the documents, such as your transcript and degree certificate, must be notarized by university or notary or Korean Embassy.

KGSP documents

1. Application Formfor applicants who apply via Designated University – this should be original. Type the applications form by computer, then print it and put your photo in there (1pcs of 3×4 this year — I remember that it’s different size last year, but I forget what size. Just make sure to read what they ask). I think, no need to give additional photos, because they only ask you 1pcs.
—– Copy this application form with photo 3 times, so the result there’s a copy of your photo too (black and white).
—– If you apply for Embassy, there’s Application Form for applicants who apply via Embassy (*don’t make mistake)

2. Self Introductions – write your introductions in here, your course of life, your view of life, study background, work experience, your motivation, ect for only 1 page (don’t write more than 1 page). The font size which provided from guidelines is so small, so if you can, adjust it until size 10 to make people comfortable to read it.
—– Copy 3 times (black and white)

3. Study Plan – write your plan of study, your goal of study and your future plan.
—– There’s Research Proposal page, if you apply via embassy or designated university, you didn’t need to fill it, only for reseach program.
—– Copy 3 times (black and white)

4. Letter of Recommendation – There’s a template for the recommendation letter. Copy at your USB and give it to your profesor, and ask him/her to fill the template, print it, then sealed it in envelope with his signature in the back of the envelope. Then send it back to you.
—– You don’t need to copy this letter, don’t open it too. Let the embassy or university help you to copy it.

5. Pledge – Print and sign it.
—– After you sign it, copy 3 times (black and white).

6. Personal Medical Assestment – fill it.
—– Copy 3 times (black and white)

7. Diploma or Certificate of graduation from undergraduate institution

8. Official Transcript from undergraduate institution
I have an english translations for my graduation certificate and transcript, so I just need to notarize it and copy 3 times. I’m using local notary, and I have to pay IDR 150.000 for 2 copy each documents (total 4).
—– If you have english version, then you just need to notarized it. You can notarized it in your university, or local notary, or Korean Embassy. Just choose which is convenient for you. You need to pay for this notarized things. After notarized, then you can copy 3 times (black and white), so you don’t need to notarized 3 documents.
—– If you didn’t have english version, then you have to use sworn translator to translate your documents into english, and notarized it at your university or Korean Embassy or local notary.

9. Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS score – This documents is optional. You can send it if you have, but if you didn’t have then it doesn’t matter. I have TOEFL score but not official, so I just send it without notarized. I also have HSK score, but I thought that didn’t necessary so I didn’t send my HSK score.
—– don’t forget to copy 3 times

10. Copy of Passport11. Copy of Parents Passport12. Birth Certificate
I send copy of my passport and my parents passport without notarized. But I have birth certificate which already translate to english by sworn translator, and it’s acceptable. Copy each of them 3 times (black and white)
—– Maybe it’s different for some university, so you have to check it before you send the documents.
—– I’m using Mitra Penerjemah for translate my documents to English.

After all documens ready, put each set documents in chocolate envelopes which smaller than the big one (don’t fold the documents, look for A4 / F4 envelope). I put every set of documents inside plastic, and chocolate envelopes so I have 4 small envelopes (don’t fold, look for A4 envelope).

Don’t forget to name the envelope:
> Original Documents – KGSP 2015 – (Applicant’s name) – (Country)
> Copy of Documents – KGSP 2015 – (Applicant’s Name) – (Country)

Then I put them (all 4 envelopes) inside bigger envelopes. Then print the destination address and send it.

I’m using EMS from Indonesia, and there’s no problem on sending process.

Now just wait until the documents arrive and the notice from the SMU.

2015 KGSP-Graduate — Recommendation Letter

Today, I decided to contact my professor at University, and ask for Recommendation Letter. I can’t go to the university, so I contact him using email.

Hope he is willingly fullfil the recommendaion template, and send it back to me.

2015 KGSP-Graduate – The Notice

Those who wants to apply for KGSP this year (2015), the notice is out. You can visit the website and read the guidelines.

Site: http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/gks/selectBoardArticle.do;jsessionid=44F37E26D686BE121D6DBDDCAE592ABC.node_20

REMEMBER: Read it first, don’t ask anything before you read it. If you really willing to apply for the scholarship, then I thought “read” is not a big deal. And try to understand the procedure is an easy things. Don’t be lazy.

There’s some method of applying, by Embassy and University.

For Embassy
For Indonesian, see the notice in embassy website (http://idn.mofa.go.kr/). There will be a notice about KGSP Graduate Program. Don’t forget to see the deadline, because it’s different with what is written in KGSP Guideline. This year, the deadline of KGSP through Korean Embassy in Indonesia is 6th March. For university, you can choose 3 of your choice (look the file “”03.2015 GKS Graduate courses University information(English).pdf [2441388 byte]). Don’t forget to call the embassy if you have any questions. But READ the guideline first before you call.

For University
See the university and major that you desired in the link above which wrote: “03.2015 GKS Graduate courses University information(English).pdf [2441388 byte]“. Open the file and use “FIND” to searching for the university you desired or the major you wants. You can see the deadline of the application through every university information. DON’T FORGET, every university has different deadline.
Once you found the university and major you desired, then contact them via email to make sure the requirements and the deadline.

The deadline information in NIIED website is global, so to make it spesific, look the information in every university or embassy.

Good Luck~

2014 KGSP-G – The 1st Result of Sookmyung Interview

Ms Kim said, there will be a bit delay from 9th April to 24th April. But today, in the morning, I got an email.

She said, that unfortunately, I didn’t nominated because the number of students from Indonesia that can be nominated is limited. But I passed the interview, and she offer me “Special Scholarship of International Students”.

I feel relieved once the result came out. Even I have not been nominated, but it’s okay. It’s an experience to apply such a great scholarship. That’s give me another challenge and experience.

So, time to move on. Let’s move to next target…

NB: I just want to share it to you guys, who interested to apply for KGSP. Event I didn’t nominated, but if you need information, and fortunately, I can help, then I will help you.

Thank you