2015 KGSP-Graduate — Send the documents to Sookmyung Women’s University

I decided, today is the right time to send my documents to Sookmyung Women’s University at Korea by EMS. It cost IDR 189.200.

If you send the documents, my suggestions is, send it in a big brown envelope.

For KGSP, you need to send 1 original set of documents, and 3 copy set of documents. In here, original means not really original. But the documents, such as your transcript and degree certificate, must be notarized by university or notary or Korean Embassy.

KGSP documents

1. Application Formfor applicants who apply via Designated University – this should be original. Type the applications form by computer, then print it and put your photo in there (1pcs of 3×4 this year — I remember that it’s different size last year, but I forget what size. Just make sure to read what they ask). I think, no need to give additional photos, because they only ask you 1pcs.
—– Copy this application form with photo 3 times, so the result there’s a copy of your photo too (black and white).
—– If you apply for Embassy, there’s Application Form for applicants who apply via Embassy (*don’t make mistake)

2. Self Introductions – write your introductions in here, your course of life, your view of life, study background, work experience, your motivation, ect for only 1 page (don’t write more than 1 page). The font size which provided from guidelines is so small, so if you can, adjust it until size 10 to make people comfortable to read it.
—– Copy 3 times (black and white)

3. Study Plan – write your plan of study, your goal of study and your future plan.
—– There’s Research Proposal page, if you apply via embassy or designated university, you didn’t need to fill it, only for reseach program.
—– Copy 3 times (black and white)

4. Letter of Recommendation – There’s a template for the recommendation letter. Copy at your USB and give it to your profesor, and ask him/her to fill the template, print it, then sealed it in envelope with his signature in the back of the envelope. Then send it back to you.
—– You don’t need to copy this letter, don’t open it too. Let the embassy or university help you to copy it.

5. Pledge – Print and sign it.
—– After you sign it, copy 3 times (black and white).

6. Personal Medical Assestment – fill it.
—– Copy 3 times (black and white)

7. Diploma or Certificate of graduation from undergraduate institution

8. Official Transcript from undergraduate institution
I have an english translations for my graduation certificate and transcript, so I just need to notarize it and copy 3 times. I’m using local notary, and I have to pay IDR 150.000 for 2 copy each documents (total 4).
—– If you have english version, then you just need to notarized it. You can notarized it in your university, or local notary, or Korean Embassy. Just choose which is convenient for you. You need to pay for this notarized things. After notarized, then you can copy 3 times (black and white), so you don’t need to notarized 3 documents.
—– If you didn’t have english version, then you have to use sworn translator to translate your documents into english, and notarized it at your university or Korean Embassy or local notary.

9. Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS score – This documents is optional. You can send it if you have, but if you didn’t have then it doesn’t matter. I have TOEFL score but not official, so I just send it without notarized. I also have HSK score, but I thought that didn’t necessary so I didn’t send my HSK score.
—– don’t forget to copy 3 times

10. Copy of Passport11. Copy of Parents Passport12. Birth Certificate
I send copy of my passport and my parents passport without notarized. But I have birth certificate which already translate to english by sworn translator, and it’s acceptable. Copy each of them 3 times (black and white)
—– Maybe it’s different for some university, so you have to check it before you send the documents.
—– I’m using Mitra Penerjemah for translate my documents to English.

After all documens ready, put each set documents in chocolate envelopes which smaller than the big one (don’t fold the documents, look for A4 / F4 envelope). I put every set of documents inside plastic, and chocolate envelopes so I have 4 small envelopes (don’t fold, look for A4 envelope).

Don’t forget to name the envelope:
> Original Documents – KGSP 2015 – (Applicant’s name) – (Country)
> Copy of Documents – KGSP 2015 – (Applicant’s Name) – (Country)

Then I put them (all 4 envelopes) inside bigger envelopes. Then print the destination address and send it.

I’m using EMS from Indonesia, and there’s no problem on sending process.

Now just wait until the documents arrive and the notice from the SMU.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Interview from Sookmyung Women’s University

The interview will take time 08:20. I have already wait at store from 07:30. Then at 07:40, the staff member calls me, to remind me about the interview which will take at 08:20.

Then I wait again.

And at 08:42, the professor from my desired major, call me. There’s two professor, I didn’t get their name because it’s too echo.
First they ask me to introduce myself. Then they ask me why I apply for this major which absolutely different from my undergraduate major.
Then they ask me about my undergraduate university situation. And they also ask me if I willing to go to Korea if I have been accepted. They also ask me how did I know about Le Cordon Bleu.

At 08:50, the interview ended.
(The time is Indonesian WIB Time, Korean time is 2 hour later than Indonesia.)

I try to answer it, just like I’m answering my friends questions but with manners.

I hope I give the best impression for them.

Now just wait for 9th April for the 1st candidate notice from KGSP. They said that they will notify us via email.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Interview notification from Sookmyung Women’s University

I thought I didn’t get in in the 1st screening of Sookmyung Women’s University, because until 4 o’clock in the evening, I haven’t got any interview notification email yet.

But at 18:32, I got an email from Ms Kim, regards my interview time. Which will happened on 4th April 2014, at 08:20 Indonesian Time. (10:20 at Korean Time).

Time to prepare and waiting…

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Phone Call from Ms Kim, Sookmyung Women’s University Global Lounge International Admissions

This morning, while I went to deliver flight ticket to customer, there’s a phone call from South Korea, +82-xxxxxxx.

I already have a feeling that it’s from Sookmyung Women’s University.

So I pick up the call with carefully.

And… Ms Kim calls me, she want to check if the number that I use was correct or not. And she tell me, that before April 2nd, they will give me email to notice me about the phone interview which will take place on April 4th.

All the information about the interview will write at the email.

So she remind me to always check my email.

I’m nervous, I understand what she talking, but I’m really nervous, so I just try to ask and ask again. OMG~~~ How embarrasing…
But I hope that I give her the best appearance through the phone call.

Wish us all the best.. 🙂

2014 KGSP-Graduate – The document package hasn’t arrived yet… :(

Because I’m out of town, so I don’t know if the Shipping company send the documents to my travel agency or not yet. But when I tracked it at the evening, it said that 3 o’clock at the evening, they just received from Jakarta.

I think, they will send it tomorrow. So, tomorrow morning, I will call them and ask them if the documents on the office or not. If the documents was on the office, I will pick it up by myself.

*cross finger*

I’m run with the time… XD

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Using Sworn Translator and Notary for Notarized the Documents

This morning I send the birth certificate scan copy to Mitra Penerjemah (http://mitrapenerjemah.com). And they said, it needs 1 to 2 days. But I ask them for 1 days. And they will try it.

And today I also decided to go to Notary at my hometown to get the degree and transcript notarized. The fee is 150.000 IDR for 4 page. (It’s cheaper than using legalized service).
I search the notary using google, and found 2 listed notary near my locations.

I go to the first, but pitily, the notary not at the desk because she is not Magelang person.

So I go to the second, and she willingly to give the notarized.

And after 1 hours, the documents has been notarized.

But how to give it to the Embassy? OMG~~~~~ I decided to ask Mitra Penerjemah first.

The Mitra Penerjemah said, that I have to legalized it at the University if I want to notarized it at Embassy. It’s not enough if only with notary.

So, I decided to try the worst. I send the email to Ms Kim and attached the notarized documents by notary, and ask her to receive it first before I notarized them at Embassy.

And now, I just can wait for the reply and received the worst. I thought if they still wants the documents notarized by Embassy, then I just try to go to university to legalized or give up. Because I read some KGSP Scholarship Students (http://ahmadnasikun.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/tips-and-tricks-for-kgsp-korean-government-scholarship-program-part-2/) that there’s no problem to notarized the documents only by notary.

At the evening, Ms Kim answer my email. She said that she received the documents, and will subtitute it temprorary until I send the original documents. Wait.. What? What’s that mean? If I’m not wrong, it means, that the notarized document by notary was accepted. OMG~~~.. So I don’t have to bring it to the embassy. Yipeee… I’m so happy.

She said, she will wait for the original even it’s already over the deadlines, but the most important is before the interview.

And I can’t wait to send it to them soon. Just wait for the birth certificate now.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Sookmyung Women’s University notice me about the documents

Today, the Sookmyung Women’s University representative, send me the email that they have already received the documents. But they need some supplement documents to be posted soon.

1. Notarized Degree and Transcript by Korean Embassy
2. My Birth Certificate on English

Oh No… I’m panic. No.. I can’t panic. So I try to think and search, how to get the notarized documents by Korean Embassy and how to translate the birth certificate into English from Indonesia, and it’s official.

I found sworn translator company. And I just realized, I can used them because they are sworn translator. Which means, they are official from the goverment. They have to passed some exams from the Government official university, and get the official number as sworn translator.

But which one is can be trusted? So many of them on google search.

So I try to browse some forums, and I found Mitra Penerjemah.

MITRA PENERJEMAH (“Penerjemah” at English is Translator)
The website is: http://mitrapenerjemah.com/
At their website, you can see the tracking list that show their send the documents to customer. From here, I try to contact their Yahoo Messenger (you can found it at the website) and ask for the price. Altough the price was available at the website, but some of them, is confusing because I never try anything about this.
They can help us to notarized the documents to Embassy too. So I try to ask anything about it.

They answer my email. Their service is good, the contact person was nice, and willingly to give us some information.

I decided to use them to sworn translate my birth certificate. But the document was not here now, so I tell them that I will send it to them tomorrow morning using email.

And about my transcript and degree, the documents was already on English, so they said, I didn’t need to sworn translate it into english again. And for notarized, just legalized them at University first, then send it to them. They will help us to legalized it to notary, then to Korean Embassy.

I’m confuse. Because, it seems complicated. What should I do?? Mmm… I couldn’t come to University to legalized them because of the distance problem. Mmm…

What should I do? What should I do?

2014 KGSP-Graduate – The documents has been arrived at Sookmyung Women’s University

I used EMS Korean Tracking, to see where is my documents.

–> http://www.koreapost.go.kr/eng/sub/EMS_Search.jsp?contId=e1020600

Now I just wait for the university to notice me via email. A lot of people said that they will notice us if they received the documents.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Send the Document to Sookmyung Women’s University

Today, I plan to send the document for KGSP Program to Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul ~ South Korea.

– CheckList for Application Documents : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Application Form Korean University : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Introductions : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Study Plan and Future Plan : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Letters of Recommendation : OK (1 original only, because it sealed by the Profesor that I requested for Recommendation Letter. Don’t worry, the University will help us to copy another 3 copy)

– Pledge : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Personal Medical Assestment : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Degree & Transcript : OK (1 original + 3 copy) –> My degree and transcript was already at English, so I didn’t have to translate it. But I haven’t notarized it yet, because I don’t know how to notarized at Korean Embassy (the University ask me to notarized them at Korean Embassy when the 2014 KGSP Notice come out, and I send the email to them to make sure).

– ID Passport : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Parent’s ID (Passport) : OK (1 original + 3 copy) –> Put it inside small envelope, and marked the envelope as “Copy of Parent’s Passport”, because at the application documents, it didn’t give any information about your parents. This ID was used only to prove that you are not Korean.

– my CV : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

So everything is ready. I make the original put a transparant plastic and put inside 1 envelope. And the other 3 copy, each set put them at transparant plastic, and put all 3 set at 1 envelope. And I marked the envelope as Original & 3 set of copy.

Then put them together inside another envelope.

Don’t fold the documents, just let it 1 full page. So you need a big envelope.

I used airmail envelope to put all of them together, and use chocolate envelope with smaller size then the airmail so that they can fit inside the airmail envelope.

Just try to make everything nice, so when they open it, they will have 1st good reaction.

Write the address using computer and print it.

I use EMS to send the documents. It cost less than 200.000 IDR for approximately 400 to 500gram weight from my hometown. And it tooks 5 to 7 days.