2014 KGSP-Graduate – Using Sworn Translator and Notary for Notarized the Documents

This morning I send the birth certificate scan copy to Mitra Penerjemah (http://mitrapenerjemah.com). And they said, it needs 1 to 2 days. But I ask them for 1 days. And they will try it.

And today I also decided to go to Notary at my hometown to get the degree and transcript notarized. The fee is 150.000 IDR for 4 page. (It’s cheaper than using legalized service).
I search the notary using google, and found 2 listed notary near my locations.

I go to the first, but pitily, the notary not at the desk because she is not Magelang person.

So I go to the second, and she willingly to give the notarized.

And after 1 hours, the documents has been notarized.

But how to give it to the Embassy? OMG~~~~~ I decided to ask Mitra Penerjemah first.

The Mitra Penerjemah said, that I have to legalized it at the University if I want to notarized it at Embassy. It’s not enough if only with notary.

So, I decided to try the worst. I send the email to Ms Kim and attached the notarized documents by notary, and ask her to receive it first before I notarized them at Embassy.

And now, I just can wait for the reply and received the worst. I thought if they still wants the documents notarized by Embassy, then I just try to go to university to legalized or give up. Because I read some KGSP Scholarship Students (http://ahmadnasikun.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/tips-and-tricks-for-kgsp-korean-government-scholarship-program-part-2/) that there’s no problem to notarized the documents only by notary.

At the evening, Ms Kim answer my email. She said that she received the documents, and will subtitute it temprorary until I send the original documents. Wait.. What? What’s that mean? If I’m not wrong, it means, that the notarized document by notary was accepted. OMG~~~.. So I don’t have to bring it to the embassy. Yipeee… I’m so happy.

She said, she will wait for the original even it’s already over the deadlines, but the most important is before the interview.

And I can’t wait to send it to them soon. Just wait for the birth certificate now.


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