2014 KGSP-Graduate – Sookmyung Women’s University notice me about the documents

Today, the Sookmyung Women’s University representative, send me the email that they have already received the documents. But they need some supplement documents to be posted soon.

1. Notarized Degree and Transcript by Korean Embassy
2. My Birth Certificate on English

Oh No… I’m panic. No.. I can’t panic. So I try to think and search, how to get the notarized documents by Korean Embassy and how to translate the birth certificate into English from Indonesia, and it’s official.

I found sworn translator company. And I just realized, I can used them because they are sworn translator. Which means, they are official from the goverment. They have to passed some exams from the Government official university, and get the official number as sworn translator.

But which one is can be trusted? So many of them on google search.

So I try to browse some forums, and I found Mitra Penerjemah.

MITRA PENERJEMAH (“Penerjemah” at English is Translator)
The website is: http://mitrapenerjemah.com/
At their website, you can see the tracking list that show their send the documents to customer. From here, I try to contact their Yahoo Messenger (you can found it at the website) and ask for the price. Altough the price was available at the website, but some of them, is confusing because I never try anything about this.
They can help us to notarized the documents to Embassy too. So I try to ask anything about it.

They answer my email. Their service is good, the contact person was nice, and willingly to give us some information.

I decided to use them to sworn translate my birth certificate. But the document was not here now, so I tell them that I will send it to them tomorrow morning using email.

And about my transcript and degree, the documents was already on English, so they said, I didn’t need to sworn translate it into english again. And for notarized, just legalized them at University first, then send it to them. They will help us to legalized it to notary, then to Korean Embassy.

I’m confuse. Because, it seems complicated. What should I do?? Mmm… I couldn’t come to University to legalized them because of the distance problem. Mmm…

What should I do? What should I do?


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