2016 KGSP-Graduate announcement is out now

So, who still wants to apply for full Scholarship in Korea? The announcement is out now. The notice available on 2nd Feb 2016. But, you have to go to KGSP home to notice it.

Website: http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/main.do

After you click those link (with red circle), you will directly go to this link:

Then click again the red circle link, and you can find the notice.

Download all the attachement list, and read carefully every point. The applications form available on DOCX file, so you don’t need to convert the PDF file to DOCX file.

Typed all the applications (not hand writing), call / email the embassy in your country or the university you would like to apply about the deadline and documents.

Korean Embassy in Indonesia’s Notice: http://idn.mofa.go.kr/worldlanguage/asia/idn/mission/notice/index.jsp

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Pick up the package from JNE and send it directly to Seoul by EMS

This morning, I decided to go to JNE early to take my package. Fortunately, when I arrived there, the package carrier was on there, so he gave me the package directly.

Then I went back to re-arrange it, together with the notarized transcrip & degree. And don’t forget to copy of another 3 set. Then sent it to Seoul by EMS.

Now, it’s time to waiting.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – The Birth Certificate sworn translated was sent to me

Mitra Penerjemah send the birth certificate today. Hope tomorrow it will arrived early. But tomorrow, my travel agency was closed. Oh no…. I have to go outside of the town because something that related with my passport. Mmm…

Today I send the birth certificate using email to Ms Kim. And she accepted it too. So I just need to wait for the documents arrived to me safely, and send it to Ms Kim as soon as possible.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Using Sworn Translator and Notary for Notarized the Documents

This morning I send the birth certificate scan copy to Mitra Penerjemah (http://mitrapenerjemah.com). And they said, it needs 1 to 2 days. But I ask them for 1 days. And they will try it.

And today I also decided to go to Notary at my hometown to get the degree and transcript notarized. The fee is 150.000 IDR for 4 page. (It’s cheaper than using legalized service).
I search the notary using google, and found 2 listed notary near my locations.

I go to the first, but pitily, the notary not at the desk because she is not Magelang person.

So I go to the second, and she willingly to give the notarized.

And after 1 hours, the documents has been notarized.

But how to give it to the Embassy? OMG~~~~~ I decided to ask Mitra Penerjemah first.

The Mitra Penerjemah said, that I have to legalized it at the University if I want to notarized it at Embassy. It’s not enough if only with notary.

So, I decided to try the worst. I send the email to Ms Kim and attached the notarized documents by notary, and ask her to receive it first before I notarized them at Embassy.

And now, I just can wait for the reply and received the worst. I thought if they still wants the documents notarized by Embassy, then I just try to go to university to legalized or give up. Because I read some KGSP Scholarship Students (http://ahmadnasikun.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/tips-and-tricks-for-kgsp-korean-government-scholarship-program-part-2/) that there’s no problem to notarized the documents only by notary.

At the evening, Ms Kim answer my email. She said that she received the documents, and will subtitute it temprorary until I send the original documents. Wait.. What? What’s that mean? If I’m not wrong, it means, that the notarized document by notary was accepted. OMG~~~.. So I don’t have to bring it to the embassy. Yipeee… I’m so happy.

She said, she will wait for the original even it’s already over the deadlines, but the most important is before the interview.

And I can’t wait to send it to them soon. Just wait for the birth certificate now.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Sookmyung Women’s University notice me about the documents

Today, the Sookmyung Women’s University representative, send me the email that they have already received the documents. But they need some supplement documents to be posted soon.

1. Notarized Degree and Transcript by Korean Embassy
2. My Birth Certificate on English

Oh No… I’m panic. No.. I can’t panic. So I try to think and search, how to get the notarized documents by Korean Embassy and how to translate the birth certificate into English from Indonesia, and it’s official.

I found sworn translator company. And I just realized, I can used them because they are sworn translator. Which means, they are official from the goverment. They have to passed some exams from the Government official university, and get the official number as sworn translator.

But which one is can be trusted? So many of them on google search.

So I try to browse some forums, and I found Mitra Penerjemah.

MITRA PENERJEMAH (“Penerjemah” at English is Translator)
The website is: http://mitrapenerjemah.com/
At their website, you can see the tracking list that show their send the documents to customer. From here, I try to contact their Yahoo Messenger (you can found it at the website) and ask for the price. Altough the price was available at the website, but some of them, is confusing because I never try anything about this.
They can help us to notarized the documents to Embassy too. So I try to ask anything about it.

They answer my email. Their service is good, the contact person was nice, and willingly to give us some information.

I decided to use them to sworn translate my birth certificate. But the document was not here now, so I tell them that I will send it to them tomorrow morning using email.

And about my transcript and degree, the documents was already on English, so they said, I didn’t need to sworn translate it into english again. And for notarized, just legalized them at University first, then send it to them. They will help us to legalized it to notary, then to Korean Embassy.

I’m confuse. Because, it seems complicated. What should I do?? Mmm… I couldn’t come to University to legalized them because of the distance problem. Mmm…

What should I do? What should I do?

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Send the Document to Sookmyung Women’s University

Today, I plan to send the document for KGSP Program to Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul ~ South Korea.

– CheckList for Application Documents : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Application Form Korean University : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Introductions : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Study Plan and Future Plan : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Letters of Recommendation : OK (1 original only, because it sealed by the Profesor that I requested for Recommendation Letter. Don’t worry, the University will help us to copy another 3 copy)

– Pledge : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Personal Medical Assestment : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Degree & Transcript : OK (1 original + 3 copy) –> My degree and transcript was already at English, so I didn’t have to translate it. But I haven’t notarized it yet, because I don’t know how to notarized at Korean Embassy (the University ask me to notarized them at Korean Embassy when the 2014 KGSP Notice come out, and I send the email to them to make sure).

– ID Passport : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Parent’s ID (Passport) : OK (1 original + 3 copy) –> Put it inside small envelope, and marked the envelope as “Copy of Parent’s Passport”, because at the application documents, it didn’t give any information about your parents. This ID was used only to prove that you are not Korean.

– my CV : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

So everything is ready. I make the original put a transparant plastic and put inside 1 envelope. And the other 3 copy, each set put them at transparant plastic, and put all 3 set at 1 envelope. And I marked the envelope as Original & 3 set of copy.

Then put them together inside another envelope.

Don’t fold the documents, just let it 1 full page. So you need a big envelope.

I used airmail envelope to put all of them together, and use chocolate envelope with smaller size then the airmail so that they can fit inside the airmail envelope.

Just try to make everything nice, so when they open it, they will have 1st good reaction.

Write the address using computer and print it.

I use EMS to send the documents. It cost less than 200.000 IDR for approximately 400 to 500gram weight from my hometown. And it tooks 5 to 7 days.

2014 KGSP-Graduate – Notice by NIIED

Finally, the notice is come out. Usually, the notice will come out on early February each year. If you have desired to apply scholarship at South Korea, then never missed the notice.

You can open the website: http://studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/gks/selectBoardList.do?bbsId=BBSMSTR_000000000714 and bookmark it so you won’t miss it.

I want to try it for this year. Half year ago, I found the major master degree at Sookmyung Women’s University, for MBA (MA) Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management. Then, I found this Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) by NIID (National Institute of International Education. So, I’m waiting for it and decided to apply for it.

There are two method to apply the program.
1. by respective Korean Embassy
2. for the Designated University

You can download the guidelines through the notice. Read carefully, and follow the instructions. If you read it clearly, you will understand what have needed to apply.

Download te attached file list, and read it carefully.
Read the guidelines first, then choose which method you want to apply.
Then Choose the University and Major at 4-2014 GKS Graduate Courses University Information (English).
Beware about the deadline.
Preparing all the documents.
And send it.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to check the deadline!
If you choose via embassy, then call your embassy to check the deadline of KGSP.
If you choose via university, then check their website, or university information about the deadline of applications. Or you can email your university for further information.

REMEMBER: not all embassy or university has the same deadline as what is written at KGSP Guidelines. The deadline at KGSP guidelines, only the guide that show you how usually the deadline take time.