2014 KGSP-Graduate – Send the Document to Sookmyung Women’s University

Today, I plan to send the document for KGSP Program to Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul ~ South Korea.

– CheckList for Application Documents : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Application Form Korean University : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Introductions : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Study Plan and Future Plan : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Letters of Recommendation : OK (1 original only, because it sealed by the Profesor that I requested for Recommendation Letter. Don’t worry, the University will help us to copy another 3 copy)

– Pledge : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Personal Medical Assestment : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Degree & Transcript : OK (1 original + 3 copy) –> My degree and transcript was already at English, so I didn’t have to translate it. But I haven’t notarized it yet, because I don’t know how to notarized at Korean Embassy (the University ask me to notarized them at Korean Embassy when the 2014 KGSP Notice come out, and I send the email to them to make sure).

– ID Passport : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

– Parent’s ID (Passport) : OK (1 original + 3 copy) –> Put it inside small envelope, and marked the envelope as “Copy of Parent’s Passport”, because at the application documents, it didn’t give any information about your parents. This ID was used only to prove that you are not Korean.

– my CV : OK (1 original + 3 copy)

So everything is ready. I make the original put a transparant plastic and put inside 1 envelope. And the other 3 copy, each set put them at transparant plastic, and put all 3 set at 1 envelope. And I marked the envelope as Original & 3 set of copy.

Then put them together inside another envelope.

Don’t fold the documents, just let it 1 full page. So you need a big envelope.

I used airmail envelope to put all of them together, and use chocolate envelope with smaller size then the airmail so that they can fit inside the airmail envelope.

Just try to make everything nice, so when they open it, they will have 1st good reaction.

Write the address using computer and print it.

I use EMS to send the documents. It cost less than 200.000 IDR for approximately 400 to 500gram weight from my hometown. And it tooks 5 to 7 days.


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