Renew My Passport (1) 2014 # Indonesia

My passport will expired on August 2014, so now I can’t go abroad because one of the requirements to go abroad is that your passport expired date is not less than 6 months.

So I have to renewed it.

Here I am, today I go to Yogyakarta Immigration Office to renewed my passport.

Arrived at immigration office, I ask for the form. The application form is official, which means you can’t copy it because there’s a special number that indicated the application form. Ask the guard if you confusing how to fill the application form. They will be nicely guide you.

Then I fill the application form, and take the queue number for Passport applications. I got A87 & A88 (for my brothers), and it’s only A52 now. Wow.. I have to wait for 30th more. T_T


30 people passed so quickly. Not until 1 hour, they call me. Once your requirements was accepted, then you will got report to make a payment at the bank BNI and when will you take photos and interview.

Remember, immigration office open from 8 o’clock. You can take the queue number from 08:00 to 11:00 only. They start to call the queue from 08:30.

For Indonesian People, the requirements documents for renewed passport are:
– KTP / Indonesia ID Card (original + 1 copy A4, don’t cut, and don’t fold)
– Birth Certificate (original + 1 copy)
– KK / Kartu Keluarga / Family Card (original + 1 copy)
– Old Passport (original + 1 copy A4 of the front and the back, don’t cut and don’t fold)

For further information, please rever to:

The fee of make a new passport or renewed, is IDR 200.000 with service + tax IDR 55.000. So Total IDR 255.000

I have to take photos and interview from 13th March 2014 to 1 month after the date. Before take photos, you have to make the payment first at Bank BNI. Just show the report from immigration, and let Bank BNI do the rest. The fee from bank is IDR 5.000.

So the total payment to make passport / renewed is IDR 260.000/person.

It’s easy, only need time to do it. 🙂
PS: Different Location of Embassy, has different procedure. Please contact your local embassy for office open, and the procedure.


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