Renew My Passport (2) 2014 – Photo and Interview for my New Passport # Indonesia

Today, I went to Yogya to take photo and interview for my new passport. Yesterday, my brother has already made the payment at Bank BNI. And they give us the report. One was for the immigration office, and the copy was for us.

After arrive at Immigration office, we took the queue number for Photo and Interview. We got D95, and when we arrived, it’s just D24. Haha… Waiting for 70 people. T_T

But it took only approximately 1 hour. And after give the report of payment and appointment report to photo and interview to the locket, then we wait to be called.

First call is for Photo.
– No Glasses
– The ear must be shown on the photo.
– No bangs

After took the photo, then we scan our finger and wait again for the interview.

Second call is for interview.
Usually, the interviewer ask us about our identify (birthdate, our mother’s name, where do we live, what’s the purpose of making passport, etc). But, this time, no questions. They only ask me to check the name and birthdate. Then sign if it’s true.

Then they give us another report to take passport on March 19th, 2014, 3 workdays from the date we took photo and interview. Actually, at their website, it said, that 4 workdays after the date we took photo and interview, we can take the passport.

So, wait for another 1 week, then our passport will be available and can be used. 🙂


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