2014 KGSP-Graduate – Interview from Sookmyung Women’s University

The interview will take time 08:20. I have already wait at store from 07:30. Then at 07:40, the staff member calls me, to remind me about the interview which will take at 08:20.

Then I wait again.

And at 08:42, the professor from my desired major, call me. There’s two professor, I didn’t get their name because it’s too echo.
First they ask me to introduce myself. Then they ask me why I apply for this major which absolutely different from my undergraduate major.
Then they ask me about my undergraduate university situation. And they also ask me if I willing to go to Korea if I have been accepted. They also ask me how did I know about Le Cordon Bleu.

At 08:50, the interview ended.
(The time is Indonesian WIB Time, Korean time is 2 hour later than Indonesia.)

I try to answer it, just like I’m answering my friends questions but with manners.

I hope I give the best impression for them.

Now just wait for 9th April for the 1st candidate notice from KGSP. They said that they will notify us via email.


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