2014 KGSP-Graduate – Phone Call from Ms Kim, Sookmyung Women’s University Global Lounge International Admissions

This morning, while I went to deliver flight ticket to customer, there’s a phone call from South Korea, +82-xxxxxxx.

I already have a feeling that it’s from Sookmyung Women’s University.

So I pick up the call with carefully.

And… Ms Kim calls me, she want to check if the number that I use was correct or not. And she tell me, that before April 2nd, they will give me email to notice me about the phone interview which will take place on April 4th.

All the information about the interview will write at the email.

So she remind me to always check my email.

I’m nervous, I understand what she talking, but I’m really nervous, so I just try to ask and ask again. OMG~~~ How embarrasing…
But I hope that I give her the best appearance through the phone call.

Wish us all the best.. 🙂


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