2015 KGSP-Graduate — 1st Phone Call from SMU

In the morning, while I’m working, suddenly there’s a phone call from Korea. It’s from SMU. They tell me that they have already received my applications, and I have to check the SMU notice at website at 2nd April 2015 about the time of interview.

It’s different from last year. Last year, they only send me email about document received. This year, they call every applicants, also to check applicants phone number. 

The interview will be hold on 3rd April 2015, and they will announce the time at 2nd April 2015. 

I have checked EMS tracking website, my documents arrive only 4 days works since I send the documents. Wow, it’s so fast. This year, I didn’t send any email to them. I thought that just let it be.

If I have a chance, then It will be my fate. 

If not, then let it be, life must go on.

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