2015 KGSP-Graduate — Interview from SMU for 1st nomanees

It’s today, my interview.

I don’t know where should I be to accept the calling. So I just let it be.

I got a call from Sookmyung Women’s University but I didn’t hear it because I’m still preparing to go to work. Then they call again at 07:21, they wants to remind me about interview which will took in 2 hours.

I go to office at 08:00, and waiting in there. But I feel that it’s so noisy because my office is on renovating. So I decided at 08:45 go to KFC while eat breakfast, and also receive the phone call.

Then at 09:04, another call is coming. There’s 2 professor that interview me. One of them ask me if I could speak Korean, and I said I can’t. Then they said they will interview me using English.

They ask me to introduce myself first.

Then ask me,
– how did I know about sookmyung women’s university?
– your precious major is different from HMBA, why I want to study HMBA?
– after finished, what will you do?
– what did I do as travel agent?

Mmm.. It’s different from last year. And maybe the signal is not too good, when one of them ask me something, suddenly the phone call was drop off. But they call me again and said that’s enough, and ask me if I had questions?

Mmm… I don’t know, because it’s just the 1st screening. I don’t want to ask something before everything is decided. So I just said, that I don’t have any questions right now.

Then they said goodbye and said, “hope to see you soon”.

Really, this year it’s really different interview. I could answer with smoothly, without nervous. I just learn that if you like what you do, then you won’t be nervous. I just think the interview as a normal conversations. I didn’t think anything about the scholarship. I just think that they ask, and I will answer.

Now I just wait for the notice.

2015 KGSP-Graduate — SMU Interview Schedule

Sookmyung Women’s University interview for KGSP 2015 is out. Check their notice.

Link: http://e.sookmyung.ac.kr/notice/view.jsp?cmsCd=CM0341&ntNo=180&dvsn=&src=&srcTemp=&currtPg=1&fix=

I got interview on 3rd April at 11:00 Korean Time, which means 09:00 at Indonesian Time. Nervous? No.. I really feel relax this time, no under pressure, because I always remind myself that this is only trying. Everything happens for a reason.

Worlds is not what you think of world.. Sometimes, you have to be cruel before you got fooled…

Today I saw a news, about how we have to give more to others. And it said a story about a young man that come to sell newspaper to a house and ask for a glass of water. But the owner of the house let him in and give him a warm of water and some bread.

Do you know that reality is more cruel than that?

A customer that come and want to buy something in your store, suddenly ask for a glass of water. And it turn out that he stole your gadget and runaway.

So, what should we gonna do?

Sometime, it’s not that we didn’t want to give, but we just afraid of something dangerous. People is not as easy as you think. They smart, egoist and willing to do anything for themselves.

Even actually, it’s simple. Give something to someone, but it could turn out the worst. How if they are a hipnotist thieft?

So, sometimes I didn’t give a good response for those who come to office and offer something. I even didn’t touch their hands to give greetings. It’s not because I’m rude. But I’m aware.

Becareful, worlds is not what you think of world.

Thank you my Customer…

Thank you for my guests that bought Flight Ticket and Train Ticket today. 🙂 Help the guests for their journey, is really bring a pleasure itself. I hope, I can always serve better.

It’s a pleasure to listen my guests story about their journey. Even sometimes, there will be obstacle, but when they have fun with their journey, and of course, I’m also be a part of them, I will feel “wow…”.

A smoothly travelling is what we want when we start the journey. Nothing is perfect. But…. We always has a choice to make it perfect.

Keep Positive… +++

People always  have a bad habbit, it is thinking bad about something. Don’t you realize, that sometimes because of that bad thinking, they won’t approach their purpose.

Sometimes maybe not the people themselves, but their closed one. They didn’t have any trust regards what we are doing. That’s also can affect our doing.

Just remember, think positive and keep optimist, that’s the first way to be a successful. Then the rest is based on Luck.

Sunday = Relaxing Day..

Relaxing Sunday… Sunday is my fave day because I can sleep and free from every problem especially work.

Sunday also my family day. It’s time to gathering with mom, dad and brothers and sister in law.

Today also my friend’s wedding. One by one my friend’s found their soulmate. I hope my turn will come too in this episode, 2015.

Happy Wedding Shinta & Donny… ❤

Life is Unpredictable.. ~~

Today, my friend back to Jakarta from Solo. Her flight should be depart at 18:00. But delayed until 18:30. That’s what she said from the announcement. But in reality, it got delayed again. She said, the flight from 16:50 got delayed to 18:15 and 18:30 just boarding. And she really didn’t have any idea when will she depart.

The weather is so bad, it’s rainy really hard. A lot of flight got delayed. Then at 19:00, there’s announcement for her flight passenger to boarding. And thank God, she arrived at Jakarta safely.

Life is unpredictable. You won’t know what will happen in front of you. Just like this picture, you didn’t know where is it going because of the fog. But your path is your choice.

———- Life is challenge.
Have you ever watch Running Man, Korean reality show? Even it’s just reality show, but what the Running Man member doing every mission is really touchable. I just watch Episode 178, and it’s really touching. Across Han River only with Paper Boat. Do you believe it? Actually, it’s hard to believe it except you saw it by yourself. But if it’s reality, then I salute them. They didn’t have to do the challenge, but they do it anyway.
Life just like that, do you want to accept your life challenging? Even doing something that you think impossible to do? Life is not about doing easy things, it’s about how you trying to do something that others could not do. Even people say, it’s impossible, but if you never try, you won’t know is it possible or not.

So, just do your best. Don’t say “I Can’t” before you try it.
This is life, we have a lot of things to do. And make it fun, so you will gladly do it.