Worlds is not what you think of world.. Sometimes, you have to be cruel before you got fooled…

Today I saw a news, about how we have to give more to others. And it said a story about a young man that come to sell newspaper to a house and ask for a glass of water. But the owner of the house let him in and give him a warm of water and some bread.

Do you know that reality is more cruel than that?

A customer that come and want to buy something in your store, suddenly ask for a glass of water. And it turn out that he stole your gadget and runaway.

So, what should we gonna do?

Sometime, it’s not that we didn’t want to give, but we just afraid of something dangerous. People is not as easy as you think. They smart, egoist and willing to do anything for themselves.

Even actually, it’s simple. Give something to someone, but it could turn out the worst. How if they are a hipnotist thieft?

So, sometimes I didn’t give a good response for those who come to office and offer something. I even didn’t touch their hands to give greetings. It’s not because I’m rude. But I’m aware.

Becareful, worlds is not what you think of world.

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