Life is Unpredictable.. ~~

Today, my friend back to Jakarta from Solo. Her flight should be depart at 18:00. But delayed until 18:30. That’s what she said from the announcement. But in reality, it got delayed again. She said, the flight from 16:50 got delayed to 18:15 and 18:30 just boarding. And she really didn’t have any idea when will she depart.

The weather is so bad, it’s rainy really hard. A lot of flight got delayed. Then at 19:00, there’s announcement for her flight passenger to boarding. And thank God, she arrived at Jakarta safely.

Life is unpredictable. You won’t know what will happen in front of you. Just like this picture, you didn’t know where is it going because of the fog. But your path is your choice.

———- Life is challenge.
Have you ever watch Running Man, Korean reality show? Even it’s just reality show, but what the Running Man member doing every mission is really touchable. I just watch Episode 178, and it’s really touching. Across Han River only with Paper Boat. Do you believe it? Actually, it’s hard to believe it except you saw it by yourself. But if it’s reality, then I salute them. They didn’t have to do the challenge, but they do it anyway.
Life just like that, do you want to accept your life challenging? Even doing something that you think impossible to do? Life is not about doing easy things, it’s about how you trying to do something that others could not do. Even people say, it’s impossible, but if you never try, you won’t know is it possible or not.

So, just do your best. Don’t say “I Can’t” before you try it.
This is life, we have a lot of things to do. And make it fun, so you will gladly do it.


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