Still New Year’s Feeling… ~~~

1st day back to work in 2015.

Do you know, working is like soulmate. It need fate and luck.
If you have fate and luck, then you will success in your job.
If you have fate but no luck, then you will stuck in your job.
If you don’t have fate but there’s luck, you will success but you won’t be work smoothly because you didn’t like your job.
If you have neither fate and luck, then I think you should do something to gain one of the aspect haha… (kidding).

That’s just my opinion.
I love my job. I know, I will a little struggling to go to the top, but as long as I love my job, then I think there’s nothing to be worried.

When there’s a fate, then there will be customer come to me. But I’m really sure, fate will always bring the customer to me.

How are you in 2nd day of 2015? Still in holiday? Or already back to reality?


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