Black Bean Paste Crab – Homemade

December 31, 2020 As usually, everytime it's new year, Mom always made a special dishes to eat together. And because it's pandemic, so this time, we celebrate by our own. Mom made Bean Paste Crab. Our feast on 2021 New Year Eve, before welcoming 2021. And our wish that time, is for the world to … Continue reading Black Bean Paste Crab – Homemade


New Year’s Eve 2016-2017 Dinner with big family

It's 2016 New Year's Eve, tomorrow is New Year 2017. So tonight, we have a big feast, dinner with big family. Most of the food is homecooking. PetaiPetaiRoasted PigPareCrab with Tauco SauceCrab with Tauco SauceCrab with Tauco SauceFried KwetiauwFried CapjayFried TofuSoy Sauce PigMeat Ball Soup

Still New Year’s Feeling… ~~~

1st day back to work in 2015. Do you know, working is like soulmate. It need fate and luck.If you have fate and luck, then you will success in your job.If you have fate but no luck, then you will stuck in your job.If you don't have fate but there's luck, you will success but … Continue reading Still New Year’s Feeling… ~~~

Happy New Year 2015.. ~~~ *fireworks*

1st day in 2015, start with woke up as usual. Do you know that mostly people's life has nothing different even it's new year, birthday, married, or in sadness. It is just different number, different year, and different words. But you can feel it in our heart and mind. What's happening in 2014, maybe some … Continue reading Happy New Year 2015.. ~~~ *fireworks*