Happy New Year 2015.. ~~~ *fireworks*

1st day in 2015, start with woke up as usual. Do you know that mostly people’s life has nothing different even it’s new year, birthday, married, or in sadness. It is just different number, different year, and different words. But you can feel it in our heart and mind. What’s happening in 2014, maybe some of us just think, “ah, it’s usual, just like that, nothing new.”. But for some people, maybe there’s deep meaning within what happened, maybe married, has a child, someones dearly died, moving, etc.

Did you have any goal in the beginning of 2014? And did you achieve it?
— Don’t worry, you can try to achieve it again in 2015.
Sometime people has those mind. Every year, what they want to achieve is getting more and more. And unachieved goal, is remain. So every year, they have more and more goal. And at last, they didn’t achieve any of goal because it’s too many.

I know, I’m one of those people and I can’t say anything. Sometimes, our goal need another people to make it happened, so this is the most difficult. I have made some point for what should I do in 2015. And with fate, I hope God help me to achieve some goal, especially my main goal. (I don’t have to mention about it in here.)

2014… many things happened. Meet old friend, travelling, knows what I didn’t know, and many-many more.

2015… hope my goal number 1 is come true…

1st day, I spend to reflect myself and plan what should I do tomorrow. What should I change? etc.. how about you?

In 2014, there’s many disaster and accident happens, especially in flight industry. I am also someone that like to travelling by plane. Hear and saw in the news, I feel really sad. But it’s disaster, and everythings is on God’s hand. Hope the family of the victim will remain strong, life must go on.
There’s so many things happened in the world in 2014 and I just can hope, that 2015 will be better.

Thank you 2014… And hello 2015. Are you ready? Let’s be better in 2015…
Happy New Year Everyone… *fireworks*


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