2015 KGSP-Graduate – The Notice

Those who wants to apply for KGSP this year (2015), the notice is out. You can visit the website and read the guidelines.

Site: http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/gks/selectBoardArticle.do;jsessionid=44F37E26D686BE121D6DBDDCAE592ABC.node_20

REMEMBER: Read it first, don’t ask anything before you read it. If you really willing to apply for the scholarship, then I thought “read” is not a big deal. And try to understand the procedure is an easy things. Don’t be lazy.

There’s some method of applying, by Embassy and University.

For Embassy
For Indonesian, see the notice in embassy website (http://idn.mofa.go.kr/). There will be a notice about KGSP Graduate Program. Don’t forget to see the deadline, because it’s different with what is written in KGSP Guideline. This year, the deadline of KGSP through Korean Embassy in Indonesia is 6th March. For university, you can choose 3 of your choice (look the file “”03.2015 GKS Graduate courses University information(English).pdf [2441388 byte]). Don’t forget to call the embassy if you have any questions. But READ the guideline first before you call.

For University
See the university and major that you desired in the link above which wrote: “03.2015 GKS Graduate courses University information(English).pdf [2441388 byte]“. Open the file and use “FIND” to searching for the university you desired or the major you wants. You can see the deadline of the application through every university information. DON’T FORGET, every university has different deadline.
Once you found the university and major you desired, then contact them via email to make sure the requirements and the deadline.

The deadline information in NIIED website is global, so to make it spesific, look the information in every university or embassy.

Good Luck~


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