2014 KGSP-G – The 1st Result of Sookmyung Interview

Ms Kim said, there will be a bit delay from 9th April to 24th April. But today, in the morning, I got an email.

She said, that unfortunately, I didn’t nominated because the number of students from Indonesia that can be nominated is limited. But I passed the interview, and she offer me “Special Scholarship of International Students”.

I feel relieved once the result came out. Even I have not been nominated, but it’s okay. It’s an experience to apply such a great scholarship. That’s give me another challenge and experience.

So, time to move on. Let’s move to next target…

NB: I just want to share it to you guys, who interested to apply for KGSP. Event I didn’t nominated, but if you need information, and fortunately, I can help, then I will help you.

Thank you


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