South Korea Multiple Visa

South Korea Visa?When people hearing about applying for South Korea Visa, a lot of people has already feel it’s complicated, because too many documents that needed for apply a visa. But here’s it is, this month I try to apply for South Korea Multiple Visa.

One of condition to apply Multiple Visa is, you had went to South Korea at least 1 times. And I have already been there 2 times before, so I decided to apply Multiple Visa.

At first, I plan to apply at the embassy directly. But after ask around, many multiple visa that applied via travel agent also has been approved easily. I live in Magelang, located at Central Java. So the fee to go to Jakarta is too expensive. So, I decided to apply via Travel Agent.

The other requirements is as same as when you are applying for Single Visa. I just modify my Sponsor Letter for multiple visa and give statement to why I want to apply for Multiple Visa. Everything is just addition, if you didn’t want to add them, it’s okay.

Multiple Visa Requirements:
1. Passport that still be used at least 8 months before expired and also old passport that have Korean Visa inside.
2. Copy of all pasport name, visa and stamp.
3. Copy of identity ID
4. Copy of Birth Certificate
5. Copy of Family Card
6. Sponsor Letter


7. Copy of Bank Reference
You can ask from the bank, usually they already have a format for it. Just make sure it is in English, and to Embassy of South Korea.

8. Copy of bank account transaction the last 3 months
If possible, please don’t add any significant amount between 3 months, if you wants to borrow some money from your parents, you can add it before 3 months. Or, you can borrow little amount by amount and don’t forget, make it beautiful (income, and outcome). There’s no rule how much do you need for the amount, just make it as you have job and live.

9. Copy of SPT Tahunan (annual tax yearly)
Some people said, if you didn’t have this, you can still apply by make statement if you didn’t have SPT PPT21 / annual tax letter, especially when you apply directly to embassy. But, if you apply from travel agent, they will ask you to provide it at least, maybe from your parents, brothers, or sisters. But if you really don’t have it, they are willing to proceed it, with applicant consent (approve or not is all by embassy, or if embassy ask for it, you have to be able to provide it later).

Statement letter didn’t have SPT PPH 21 / NPWP — example

10. Multiple Visa Statement Letter
I decided to make statement letter, with materai 6000 and my sign. So the embassy will be more trust me that I will always back to Indonesia before the maximum of stay. This letter is not mandatory.


11. 2pcs of Pas Foto 4x6cm / 3.5×4.5cm with background white.
My travel agent ask for 4x6cm Pas foto, but in application form it said 3.5×4..5cm. So you better ask your travel agent for it. In embassy, it also required 4x6cm.

12. Copy of deposit billing, credit card billing, five stars member, etc.
This is just additional, you don’t have to include it.

13. Copy of Flight Ticketing

14. Copy of Voucher Hotel

15. Copy of ItineryFor number 13-15, for travel agent, they wants this to be included, but in embassy, this is not mandatory.

If you want to try to apply directly in embassy, you don’t need the flight ticketing, voucher hotel and itinery. But remember, for SINGLE ENTRY, once the visa granted, it will expired after 3 months from the date it granted — for example, the single visa granted at 10 January 2017, so before 10 April 2017, you have to enter Korea —

Usually, the flight ticket has already very expensive. Many people buy the promo ticket which more than 6 months before departure. And the risk is, the visa is not granted. 

Because I plan to go on November 2018, and I have already had Flight Ticketing, and Voucher Hotel, so I send all of them. I still plan to go to South Korea on April 2019 for Cherry Blossom Festival, but I haven’t had ticket yet, so I didn’t mention about this in my letter.

That’s the requirements for applying Multiple Visa, which is the same when you apply for Single Visa.

For information,
Single Entry Visa: IDR 576.000 in Embassy
     via travel agent that I use to apply: IDR 850.000
Multiple Entry Visa: IDR 1.296.000 in Embassy
     via travel agent that I use to apply: IDR 1.600.000

Multiple entry visa proceed only 1 day once our documents enter the embassy. But if you apply via travel agent, spare about 1-1.5 weeks processing time because they need to send it first to Jakarta and send back.

You can check the application via Korean Application Visa Web.

The embassy received our application
application date: 12 September 2018, I check it on 13 September 2018 afternoon, and the status is APPROVED.

Multiple entry visa will get 5 years of South Korea Visa, with maximum of stays 30 days everytime you enter Korea.

It’s easy, as long as you provide all documents. So, Let’s go to Korea again and again for the next 5 years.


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