Liulichang Culture Street 流利厂文化街 & Qianmen 前门 # Beijing – China

Today, we visit Liulichang Culture Street 流利厂文化街. My friends wants to looking for somethine in there.

Liulichang Culture Street 流利厂文化街 is the most famous cultural block divided by the South Xinhua Road into eastern and western sections. The street smacks of antiquity and is full of fragrance of ink. Stroll along the street and you may find all of the stores with their own style. The most famous one is Cuiwenge, near the eastern entrance. It specializes in calligraphy, paintings, seal cuttings, and the four treasures of the study, namely brush, ink, paper, and ink stone.

If you have a favor with curios, calligraphy, painting or other artwork in China, Liulichang Cultural Street is a must see when you travel in Beijing.

source: Travelchinaguide

The old street is located south of the Peace Gate of Xicheng District. During the time of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a colored glaze factory was in production there, which made glazed tiles for the palaces, temples and residences of the officials, hence the name. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), many businessmen and venders began to sell curios and old books there. Over years the factory was gradually replaced by the bazaar of calligraphy, painting, copybook, artifacts and the four treasures of the study. i.e. writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper. Later it fell into absence of lively atmosphere for a time until the reconstruction in the year 1982 that revived it. Now shops and houses of gray tiles and bricks together with sculptures and colored images are lined orderly by the street, making it taste more classical.

How to go there? Take subway to Hepingmen Station 和平门站 Exit D and walk to the south about 550m, or ride bus number 7, 14, 15, 66 to Liulichang Station 流利厂站.

From there, we walk to Qianmen 前门 Street. Our purpose is to see KFC with Greatwall decoration in here.

Then we decided to walk to Tian’anmen Square. It’s night already, so we want to see the night scene in there. And it’s beautiful.

We passed by Qianmen Gate 前门 / Zhengyangmen Gate 正阳门.

Qianmen Gate 前门 is the modern name for the gate south of the Forbidden City 故宫 and Tiananmen Square 天安门 . Originally named Zhengyangmen 正阳门 (The Gate of Straight Positivity), the gate lies on the same north-south axis as the imperial path through the Forbidden City 故宫, and it was the route the emperor took when he went to Tiantan 天坛 (The Altar of Heaven), in the outer city, to make offerings. It is a double gate and the smaller south gate is closed to the public, but the north gate has a very interesting museum on the history of Old Beijing. One of the more fascinating things that it has is a model of the city during Qing times.


How to go there? Take subway to Qianmen Station 前门站 exit A to see the Gate Tower of Qianmen or exit B to see the Archery Tower.

Quan Ji De, the famous Beijing Duck Chain in Beijing

It’s beautiful and relaxing to enjoy the night scene with beautiful light and scene.


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