Crab Black Bean Sauce

October 18, 2020 Today, my mom cooked Crab with black bean sauce. This is my family favourites dishes. The blackbean sauce is a special sauce from China.

D’Cost Armada Town Square Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Lunch at D'Cost Restaurant, Armada Town Square Fried Tofu with Salted EggFried Chicken with Chilli SauceFried Noodle

Urban Western and Oriental Food (3) Magelang

Another dinner time in Urban Western and Oriental Food (but temporary closed now). I have often eat here, and this time, I try their rice bowl. Salted Egg Rice Bowl

Pork Station JCM Yogyakarta # DIY – Indonesia

A lot of pork restaurant, opened in Yogyakarta. One of them is Pork Station at Jogja City Mall Yogyakarta. Actually, my cousin's own this restaurant together with 2 of her friends. Pork Noodle PS: closed now

CNY Dinner Eve Reunion 2016

As usual, it's Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner Reunion. We celebrate it together. Kelengkeng Bola-Bola Keju Our Dinner Menu Fried Squid by Karisma Seafood Magelang Bak Cam Kee (home cooking) Petai (home cooking) Fried Shrimp by Karisma Seafood Magelang Kakap Lombok Ijo by Karisma Seafood Magelang Fish Ball + Fried Meat Ball soup (buy) Pork Satay … Continue reading CNY Dinner Eve Reunion 2016


Maystar Jogja City Mall, Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

There's a new restaurant in Yogyakarta. It's Maystar, which very famous in Jakarta. I have been there once (Jakarta Branch), but that time, my relatives invite us for breakfast dimsum. Now, we try the once that just opened in Yogyakarta, because there's discount 30%. My cousin, who has been there, choose the menu. And because … Continue reading Maystar Jogja City Mall, Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Pringgading Restaurant, Artos Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today is my grandfather's 85th birthday. So we celebrate it with dinner at Pringgading Restaurang, Grand Artos Magelang. Birthday Fried Noodle Juan Lo Fried Squid with Salted Egg Koloke

2015 Chinese New Year Dinner Reunion

As tradition, today we held Chinese New Year Dinner. Not much people who came this year. Some of family, went to Aussie to visit their children and grand children. This year food, always there Petai. Then Soy Sauce Pork Leg Fried Noodle Pork Satay Chicken Filled with Soup

2014 Chinese New Year Dinner Reunion

As usual, we celebrate Chinese New Year Eve by Gathering with family. This time, because the Chinese New year was on Friday, so many people can go back home to celebrate together. This year menu:

Breakfast at Alor Street # Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

This morning, we ate breakfast at Alor Street. There's chinese restaurant which serve breakfast. We ate poridge and noodle. And buy some Cahkwe / Fried Breadstick / 油条 (you tiao). I think there's nothing special with the food, just usual breakfast. CahkweNoodle