KFC (2)

Who didn’t know KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, it’s the second largest restaurant-chain in the world (wikipedia). Since the outbreak of corona, I haven’t buy KFC from March 2020, and yesterday my brother buy some dinner so I ask him to buy for me too. Actually, I want crispy skin and cream soup but the crispy skin is not available anymore so he bought me Chrispy Winger.

This is not my dinner, but my snack after dinner. Since start to running again, I’m losing 2kg of my weight and I’m starting to hungry anytime.

Winger has 4pcs, consists of 2pcs of wing. Different country has different kind of package and taste. The cream soup taste sweet, and I like to dip the chicken skin into soup and eat it together.

D’Cost Armada Town Square Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Lunch at D’Cost Restaurant, Armada Town Square

Tongseng Ayam Petai @ Warung Bu Kadis, Menayu, Muntilan # Central Java – Indonesia

Warung Bu Kadis is one of my favourite restaurant. It’s small, so it’s call Warung. And located in the middle of village. It’s hard to give the directions by talk.

The famous food in here is Bakmi Godog (Javanese Boiled Noodle). You can mix it with egg. And it’s really delicious.

Today, I eat Tongseng Ayam Petai. Tongseng is a traditional Indonesian food. And with Chicken meet and Petai, it’s so delicious.