CNY Dinner Eve Reunion 2016

As usual, it’s Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner Reunion. We celebrate it together.

Bola-Bola Keju
Our Dinner Menu
Fried Squid by Karisma Seafood Magelang
Bak Cam Kee (home cooking)
Petai (home cooking)
Fried Shrimp by Karisma Seafood Magelang
Kakap Lombok Ijo by Karisma Seafood Magelang
Fish Ball + Fried Meat Ball soup (buy)
Pork Satay by Laras Hati Restaurant Magelang
Cu Kio (home cooking)
Tahu Bak (home cooking)
Petai Lombok Ijo (home cooking)
Ca Jamur (home cooking)
Kiu Nyuk (buy)

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