90th Birthday

August 30, 2020 Every year, we are celebrating our birthday. One year, one time. And sometimes, when you passed someone's birthday, you will think, there's another one next year. Do you know, each age only comes once in a year. You won't celebrate 17th birthday twice. So, each birthday is very meaningful. Especially when you … Continue reading 90th Birthday


xiang qin xiang ai yi jia ren 相亲相爱一家人

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf9qKwURWSQ 相亲相爱一家人 xiang qin xiang ai yi jia ren – Love Each Other A Family – Saling Mencintai satu keluarga (家谱)我喜欢一回家就有暖洋洋的灯光在等待(男)Wo xi huan yi hui jia, jiu you nuan yan yang de deng guang zai deng daiI like once at home, there’s a warm light waitingSaya suka begitu pulang ke rumah, ada kehangatan cahaya yang … Continue reading xiang qin xiang ai yi jia ren 相亲相爱一家人

My Aunty Trip # Indonesia

My Aunty from Guangzhou, China, was coming to Indonesia for celebrating my cousin’s wedding and Chinese New Year. And because, I can speak Chinese, so it’s my pleasure to guide her on tour near my hometown. The first destination is Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is a city and the capital city of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, … Continue reading My Aunty Trip # Indonesia

Meeting with Family in Shenzhen 深圳 D5 # Guangdong – China

Today, me and my cousin will meeting some family from my father's mom's side. I call her 姑姑, my cousin calls her 姨姨. They take us to visit their house, and treat us dinner. And we also go to Karaoke and walk around. Then we go back to hotel to rest. Tomorrow we will move … Continue reading Meeting with Family in Shenzhen 深圳 D5 # Guangdong – China