Garuda Indonesia: Operational Policy due to the impact Covid-19 Outbreak

Website: Garuda Indonesia (credit)

Passenger & Document Requirements  

Garuda Indonesia ensures that it fully supports the Indonesian Government policy as well as local governments in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia which stated in:

  • Ministry of Transportation Regulation No. 25 of 2020 concerning Transportation Control during the Eid Al-Fitr Season in the framework of prevention the spread of COVID-19
  • Gugus Tugas Percepatan Penanganan COVID-19 (COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Force) letter SE No. 5 of 2020 concerning People Movement Restrictions
  • Ministry of Health letter SE No. HK.02.01/MENKES/313/2020 concerning Health Protocol for Handling the Return of Indonesian Citizens & Arrival of Foreigners in the State Entrance and PSBB Regions
  • Bali Governor Letter No. 550/3563/Dishub concerning Passengers Control in Bali Entrance
  • DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 47 of 2020 concerning Restrictions of Entering/Exiting DKI Jakarta Province in the framework of prevention the spread of COVID-19

Categories of people that are allowed to travel are as follows:

  1. International Flight
    • Outbound Indonesia: requirements should refer to the state destination provision of the authorities which are provided on the IATA Travel Center here.
    • Inbound Indonesia: Exemption policy of foreigners that are allowed to enter Indonesian territory refers to the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights No.11 of 2020, click the button  Travel Restrictions to Indonesia below for detailed information.
      While there are no restrictions for Indonesian Citizens if it follows the document requirements.
  2. Domestic Flight
    • A person who works for Government Organization or Private Sectors who perform these services:
        –  COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Services
        –  National Defense, Security & Public Order Services
        –  Health Care Services
        –  Basic Needs Services & Support
        –  Key Economic Function Services
    • Patients who need urgent health care/a person whose imminent family member is seriously ill
    • Condolences visit to an imminent family member
    • Special repatriation flight operations for the repatriation of Foreign Citizens, Indonesian Migrant Workers, Indonesian Citizens, Indonesian Students or special repatriation with government permits to a domestic destination 

People who are eligible to travel as above are required to provide the documents as follows based on their category and destination upon traveling.

Detail of each document is as follows:

  1. Travel Endorsement from a Company/Institution
    • Public Civil Servants, Indonesian Army, Indonesian Police Force
      > Statement Letter to fulfill official duties/business trip that is authorized by the Official (min. Echelon 2)
      > Report of travel itinerary (departure schedule, activity rundown on the destination, return schedule
    • Employees of: State-Owned Enterprises, Regional Owned Enterprises, Task Forces, Non-Government Organization/Enterprises
      > Statement Letter to fulfill official duties/business trip that is authorized by the Director or Chief of the office
      > Report of travel itinerary (departure schedule, activity rundown on the destination, return schedule)
      > For passengers who don’t represent Government Organization or Private Sectors must include Statement Letter with a duty stamp authorized by the local Headman/Head of Village (Lurah/Kepala Desa)
    • Patients who need urgent health care/a person whose imminent family member is seriously ill
      > Reference letter from a hospital for the patient who needs urgent health care on the destination
    • Condolences visit an imminent family member
      > Family’s member death certificate
    • Repatriation of Indonesian Migrant Workers, special repatriation with government permits to a domestic destination
      > Reference Letter from Badan Perlindungan Pekerja Migran Indonesia (BPPMI)or Indonesian Government Representatives.
    • Repatriation of Indonesian citizens, special repatriation with government permits to a domestic destination
      > Reference Letter from Indonesian Government Representatives
    • Repatriation of Indonesian Students abroad, special repatriation with government permits to a domestic destination
      > Reference Letter from University or School
    • Repatriation of Foreign Citizens from domestic destination with the country of origin as the end destination
      > The end destination is required to be the same as passport domicile
  2. Travel Statement Letter in Accordance with COVID-19 Control in Indonesia Can be downloaded and filled out here
  3. Health Certificate with a non-reactive Rapid Test result
    in Bahasa Indonesia or English with maximum 3 days validity from the health facility issuance. If the Health Certificate as required on the above table cannot be provided by the passenger, there will be consequences and actions taken based on the airport authority measures.
  4. Health Certificate with a negative PCR/Swab Test result
    With a maximum 7 days validity from the health facility issuance.
    – Domestic Flight: in Bahasa Indonesia or English
    – International flight: in English
    If the Health Certificate as required on the above table cannot be provided by the passenger, there will be consequences and actions taken based on the airport authority measures.
  5. Bali Health Alert Form This form is required for all passengers with I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) as the end destination, it can be accessed on Bali local government page here.
  6. DKI Jakarta Entry/Exit Permit (SIKM) This letter is required for all passengers with Soekarno Hatta International Airport (CGK) as the end destination. More information regarding this permit can be accessed on DKI Jakarta local government page here.

Passengers are expected to prepare a copy and original copy of the documents prior to arrival at the departure airport and present it upon check-in. Garuda Indonesia is not responsible for any lack or mistake on any of the required documents and has the right to cancel the flight of any passenger that does not meet the requirement.

Policy for Passengers to Wear Masks Onboard & in Airport Area
Garuda Indonesia requires passengers to put on a reusable non-medical mask at the airport and during flight.
Garuda Indonesia also urges passengers to prepare their own masks as well as own personal hygiene kits according to their individual needs before the flight.

Electronic Health Alert Card
Passengers with a flight destined to Indonesia and domestic flights within Indonesia are required to fill a Health Alert Card. For more convenience, now it is also available E-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Card) app for Android (see Playstore for download / link in Garuda Website). For those who don’t have the E-HAC app, Health Alert Card will be given on-board before landing.

For further information, you can open Garuda Website and contact the customer service via phone / chat / email.

NB: This requirements could change without further notice, please always cross check with the airlines before flight.

Reschedule / Refund Indonesia Airline Flight Ticketing because Pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19)

1. Garuda Indonesia

Once you enter Garuda Indonesia website, you will see:

You can cancelled or reschedule your flight because of Corona if you have ticket from 24th January 2020 – 1st June 2020 which issued before 23rd April 2020.

For reschedule, Garuda give 1 times without charge for reschedule until 30th June 2021 (no blackout date). With additional fee if the new ticket has higher class than the previous.

For cancel and refund, Garuda will give you Travel Voucher and can be used for travelling before 30th June 2021. Additional fee will be charge if the new ticket price is higher than the voucher value.

For more information, you can contact Live Chat 24 Hours Garuda Indonesia, or call center: +622123519999 and 08041807807.

2. Airasia

For Airasia, you have to contact AVA or Twitter for Refund / Reschedule. AVA is a Virtual Assistant. Sometimes, we need to contact the real assistant (Allstar) to ask further information. And many people has problem to contact Allstar from AVA.

More Information about Covid-Airasia, click here. Here’s the step to contact allstar from AVA:

  • Open Airasia Website
  • Open AVA
  • Choose “Check Booking Status
  • Type: None (for booking number/PNR)
  • Enter your departure city (JOG / CGK / KUL / SIN)
  • Type your last name
  • Click: Talk to Allstar
  • Type your Full Name
  • Type your email address (Airasia BIG)
  • Type: None (for booking number/PNR)
  • Click: Connect to Allstar
  • Wait for a while for the customer support officer connect to you and then you can do the live chat

Don’t forget prepare what you want to ask / request.

Nowadays, Airasia only give Credit Account option for those who wants to cancel their flight. You will need to have Airasia Big Account, and the credit will refund in your Airasia BIG account which available for 1 years and you can use it to buy your next flight (all destinations).

3. Lion Group (Lion Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, Thai Lion, and Malindo)

For Lion Group, you can reschedule your flight (fare difference apply) and Travel Voucher if you want to cancel your Flight. And this can be process at Lion Air Office.

You can contact Lion Air for more information:

Lion Air, Batik Air and Wings Air — more information

Malindo Air — more information

Thai Lion — more information

4. Citilink

Please call Citilink Call Center for further information: 0804 1 080808 — more information

5. Sriwijaya / Nam Air

Passenger could reschedule their flight free waiver fee / cancellation fee but with Fare Difference Fee.

Passenger could reroute their flight with fare difference fee.

Passenger could cancel and refund their flight for flight above 4 hours before departure, with pinalty fee and will get e-voucher which valid for 6 months from issued.

For more information about Sriwijaya, click here.

For other Indonesia flight, please comment below if you want more information. I’m gladly try help you to looking for some information.

Berkat Garuda Indonesia, Saya bisa mengunjungi Jember

Sewaktu saya cek email, tiba-tiba terlihat email dari Garuda Indonesia dengan subjek “Bagi Kisah Perjalanan Anda, Menangkan Tiket Garuda Indonesia Gratis!”. Wow… Kebetulan saya suka menulis kisah perjalanan saya, hanya saja karena keterbatasan waktu, jadi masih tertahan dengan trip tahun lalu. Akhirnya, hari ini saya sempatkan untuk menulis blog, untuk ikut kompetisi ini. 
Jember, adalah sebuah kabupaten di Jawa Timur. Kebetulan saya ada saudara disana, sehingga saya bisa mengetahui ada tempat bernama Jember. Sudah lama mereka meminta saya main kesana, tapi karena pertimbangan transportasi (waktu itu belum ada penerbangan Garuda ke Jember), bepergian sendirian, dan tidak ingin merepotkan saudara saya yang antar-jemput di Surabaya, jadi belum terpikirkan untuk main ke sana.
Akhir tahun 2014, saudara saya tiba-tiba mengajak saya mengunjungi Gunung Bromo dan Kawah Ijen, dan menghabiskan waktu di Jember di bulan Juni 2015. Saya ingat, Garuda Indonesia baru saja membuka rute baru Surabaya-Jember PP. Setelah menimbang-nimbang, dan ternyata kebetulan saya senggang di waktu tripnya, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk ikut trip tersebut.
Berangkat dari Yogyakarta ke Surabaya dengan Lion Air, saya dijemput oleh saudara di Surabaya. Lalu kami bersama-sama menuju ke Gunung Bromo.

Kami menginap di Lava View Lodge. Kebetulan juga hotel yang kami pilih, terletak di paling atas, sehingga dari lobby hotel bisa terlihat pemandangan Kawah Bromo dan beberapa gunung lainnya dengan jelas. 
Bangun subuh, kita naik jeep sewaan melewati padang pasir hanya untuk melihat sunrise dari Penanjakan 1 yang benar-benar indah, dan menikmati keindahan gunung Bromo dan beberapa gunung disekitarnya. Lalu setelah itu menuju ke bawah kaki gunung dan dilanjutkan mendaki dengan kuda yang diakhiri dengan naik 250 anak tangga menuju ke Kawah Bromo. 
Mengunjungi Gunung Bromo benar-benar merupakan petualangan yang lain daripada trip-trip saya lainnya. 

Pemandangan Gunung Bromo dari Penanjakan 1
Kawah Gunung Bromo

Kami sempatkan juga mengunjungi Padang Rumput Savana atau dikenal dengan nama Lembah Jemplang atau ada juga yang bilang Bukit Teletubbies karena menyerupai rumah Teletubbies dalam film anak-anak. Sayangnya, kata Guide kita, yang sekaligus merupakan supir dari jeep sewaan, bulan Juni merupakan musim kemarau, sehingga padang rumput tersebut tidak sehijau sewaktu musim hujan (sekitar bulan Maret / April). 
Dari Padang Savana, kami mengunjungi Pasir Berbisik yang sayangnya angin kurang bertiup sehingga tidak terdengar bisikan pasir. 
Selain pengalaman menjelajahi Gunung Bromo, yang tidak kalah serunya juga mendaki Gunung Ijen. Dimana kami berangkat subuh dari Jember, yang ditempuh sekitar 2-3 jam dengan mobil melewati daerah perhutani. Lalu jalan naik sekitar 2 jam’an, dan disambut dengan pemandangan kawah yang menakjubkan. Yang biking terpesona lagi adalah, para pembawa belerang. Sehari mereka bisa 2x naik-turun Gunung Ijen, dimana waktu turun gunung bisa membawah bongkahan belerang seberat hampir 100kg. Saya yang tidak membawa apa-apa saja merasa berat dalam melangkah, apalagi kalau bawa beban seberat itu. Benar-benar salut kepada mereka…

Perjalanan menuju Kawah Ijen 
Kawah Ijen

Selain kedua lokasi wisata diatas, sisanya saya habiskan di Jember. Kesan pertama terhadap kabupaten ini, kabupaten yang cukup ramai, dan suasananya hidup, perekonomiannya juga termasuk maju. Banyak tempat makan yang merupakan khas Jember dan selalu ramai. Saya sempat ke pantai Watu Ulo, Pantai Papuma, dan cafe Gumitir. Juga sempat menuju Banyuwangi yang kira-kira 2 jam dari Jember, hanya untuk menyebrang ke pulau Bali dengan kapal feri dan makan Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh yang terkenal.
Tidak terasa waktu trip 6 hari cepat berlalu.
Saya kembali ke Surabaya, dengan pesawat Garuda Indonesia dari Jember. Inilah kenapa saya memutuskan ikut trip ini karena ada pesawat menuju/dari Jember, karena saya bepergian sendiri, dan transportasi yang paling nyaman adalah dengan terbang. Meskipun bandara Jember ternyata letaknya agak pinggiran dan bandaranya tidak terlalu besar, namun uniknya, karena yang beroperasi disitu hanya Garuda Indonesia dan Susi Air, dan jam penerbangan Garuda Indonesia untuk kedatangan dan keberangkatan masing-masing hanya 1x per hari, di sela-sela jam kedatangan (jam 09:50) dan keberangkatan (jam 10:20), banyak penduduk di sekitar bandara yang datang membawa anak-anak mereka berjajar dipinggiran pagar bandara hanya sekedar untuk melihat pesawat mendarat dan pesawat tinggal landas.

Meskipun merupakan pesawat baling-baling, namun pesawat Garuda ini cukup nyaman. Bahkan meski perjalanan hanya 55 menit, saya mendapatkan snack yang benar-benar ekslusif.

Setiba di Surabaya, yang ternyata pesawat Garuda Indonesia mendarat di terminal 2 bandara International Juanda, saya harus pindah ke terminal 1 karena penerbangan ke Yogyakarta menggunakan Sriwijaya. Dan untungnya ada shuttle bus gratis jadi saya tidak perlu bingung-bingung cari taksi.

Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D6 # East Java – Indonesia

Today is my last day at Jember. Wake up in the morning, then waiting to go to the airport.

I have a chance to taste cheese cake from Mary’s Pattiserie. Maybe, I’m not a fans of cheese, I can’t it whole.

Then at 08:30, my aunty accompany me to go to Jember Airport. It is located in the outer of city. And, there’s nothing around there. You can see a lot of children, gather around the airport to see plane landing and take off.

Only there’s 1 flight in here. It’s Garuda from and to Surabaya.

It’s convenient, so if you want to go to Jember, you can ride plane, just remember the time maybe not when you expect.

From Jember to Surabaya, flight time is 10:20, arrive at Surabaya at 11:15.
If you want to fly from Surabaya to Jember, flight time is 08:55, arrive at Jember at 09:50.

Arrive at Surabaya, Juanda International Airport 2nd Terminal, I have to go to 1st Terminal. Fortunately, the airport provide free shuttle bus. And fortunately again, when I arrive at the bus, there’s a shuttle bus that will depart soon. So, I just go in the bus and waiting. It took about 15-20 minutes to go to 1st Terminal.

My next flight is Sriwijaya, flight time 15:20. After found the check-in counter, I decided to eat lunch first. A & W Restaurant become my choice because it’s convenient.

Then after lunch, I go to check-in counter, and waiting for depart.

at 14:50 we boarding, then go back to Jogja. See you in the next trip…