Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D3 # East Java – Indonesia

Today, my aunty will take me to accross the sea using ferry boat from Ketapang Banyuwangi, to Gilimanuk Bali, then go back again.

We eat breakfast at Pecel Bu Darum. It;s so famous and delicious.

my aunty buy Ramen Soup

Then we go to Banyuwangi. It took 2 hours to go there from Jember.

Arrive at Banyuwangi, first we go to Watu Dodol Beach. It’s a stone that stood in the middle of the street.

Then we spend time at one of the restaurant. Because we plan to eat lunch at Gilimanuk and the time is still early, so we spend time at a cafe.

view from Cafe
Tahu Pong
Capucino Ice
View from Cafe

The cafe, restaurant and also hotel

Then we go to Ketapang Port to board ferry. It cost IDR 150.000 for car for one way.

ready to entering ferry
Passenger Lounge, 2nd level ferry boat
Ready for arrival
queueing to go out

Arrive at Gilimanuk Port, Bali, we have to prepare our identity for check. And just remember, the time is 1 hour faster than Banyuwangi.

We go eat Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh Gilimanuk, which the original one and very famous.

It’s so so so spicy. I didn’t eat it, only take a little from my aunty because I’m sure I can’t handle the spicy. But actually, it’s delicious. Spicy, and Hot, and it makes my tongue burn and got a pain in the headache right after I try it.

Then, we go back to Gilimanuk Port Bali, to go back to Banyuwangi. Time flies, it’s already 3 o’clock in the evening.

The ferry is bigger then when we depart, it has 3 level.

Then we go back to Jember. On the way, we stop by Cafe Gumitir. It is a rest area.

This Giant Chair is inside Cafe Gumitir

Then we go back home and rest.

Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D6 # East Java – Indonesia

Today is my last day at Jember. Wake up in the morning, then waiting to go to the airport.

I have a chance to taste cheese cake from Mary’s Pattiserie. Maybe, I’m not a fans of cheese, I can’t it whole.

Then at 08:30, my aunty accompany me to go to Jember Airport. It is located in the outer of city. And, there’s nothing around there. You can see a lot of children, gather around the airport to see plane landing and take off.

Only there’s 1 flight in here. It’s Garuda from and to Surabaya.

It’s convenient, so if you want to go to Jember, you can ride plane, just remember the time maybe not when you expect.

From Jember to Surabaya, flight time is 10:20, arrive at Surabaya at 11:15.
If you want to fly from Surabaya to Jember, flight time is 08:55, arrive at Jember at 09:50.

Arrive at Surabaya, Juanda International Airport 2nd Terminal, I have to go to 1st Terminal. Fortunately, the airport provide free shuttle bus. And fortunately again, when I arrive at the bus, there’s a shuttle bus that will depart soon. So, I just go in the bus and waiting. It took about 15-20 minutes to go to 1st Terminal.

My next flight is Sriwijaya, flight time 15:20. After found the check-in counter, I decided to eat lunch first. A & W Restaurant become my choice because it’s convenient.

Then after lunch, I go to check-in counter, and waiting for depart.

at 14:50 we boarding, then go back to Jogja. See you in the next trip…

Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D4 # East Java – Indonesia

Today, we will visit the beach in Jember in the evening.

I eat breakfast at home. The elder bought us fried chicken.

After breakfast, I just look around my aunty and uncle’s store, and also my cousin’s pastry shop. My cousin give me a tester for eclair and fruit pie. It’s delicious and very recommended. Don’t forget if you go to Jember, try Mary’s Pattiserie Pastry at Jl. Trunojoyo no 55 Jember.

At 11 o’clock, we go to eat lunch Soto Ayam Dahlok, it’s famous in Jember and open since 1958.

Then we visit my uncle’s family. After that, we go to the beach.

First we go to Watu Ulo Beach. Why named Watu Ulo? Because there’s stone that similar to Ulo. Ulo, is javanese name of Snake.

Then we go to Papuma Beach, which located right next to Watu Ulo Beach. You only need to pay 1 times for both tourism spot.

It’s almost sunset when we get there.

Then we go back to the town, and eat pork noodle. It’s delicious.

Then we go home to rest, because the next day, I need to woke up at 2.30 o’clock to go to Ijen Crater.
Good Night…

Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D2 # East Java – Indonesia

Wake up at 02:30, then prepare to go to watch sunrise at Penanjakan 1. At 03:30, our jeep has been ready in front of the hotel lobby. Our driver is Mr Usman. He is friendly, and willingly to tell us the situation in there.

The jeep can be used for 4-6 person (2 small person in the front). The road to Penanjakan 1 is full of sand and it’s fun. We have to rent a jeep to go to Bromo and we can’t use our own car.

At 04:30, we arrive at Penanjakan 1. There’s so many people already. Our jeep can’t park in the top so we park about 200m from the stairs to Penanjakan 1. With sleepy and dark, we walk to Penanjakan 1. So don’t forget to bring your flashlight. Many motor rider offer their ride to the top if you don’t want to walk.

Arrive at Penanjakan 1, there’s so many people. We have to looking for empty spot to seat. That’s why you have to go early to here if you want to be able to sit and got the best spot to watch sunrise. Especially on weekend or holiday.

At 05:00, the sky start to change it’s colour. We can see the orange sky with many clouds and mountains. It’s beautiful. Many people start to stand up and take photos. I have to stand up in my seat so I could watch properly.

and the sun start to rise..

Too many people in there, and it’s hard to take picture.

At 06:00, the sun has rise. And we can see Bromo Mountain with it’s crater, Mt Batok, Mt Semeru, and many-many more. Soon most of people go to the next destination already, and there’s less people there so we can take many picture.

Then approximately at 07:00, we go back to our Jeep. Don’t forget to bring some bread or any meals for breakfast to save time.

When we arrive at car parking, all of the jeep is gone already and only there’s a few ones. Our next destination is Bromo Crater. Arrive at Bromo, we have to walk or you can ride a horse which cost IDR 125.000 – IDR 150.000/person. But if you don’t want to ride horse, you can walk and it really took some time and energy.

I choose to ride the horse to safe time. The horse owner will give us their name card so we won’t lost. They sent us until the stairs to the crater and they will wait for us there. Don’t be afraid to ride the horse because the horse owner will always accompany you and guide your horse and also tell you what to do so you won’t fall from the horse. But it’s difficult to keep the balance while riding a horse. I will think twice to repeat it.. haha..

 Arrive at the bottom of the crater, you have to climb 250 stairs. But it worthed, the view from upstairs is awesome. It’s really beautiful. Just becareful, there’s so many people in there. And if you dare to walk further, to the path that there’s no fence, you have to really brave and careful.

After take some picture, we go back down.

You really have to prepare you stamina, and don’t walk / climb to fast. You have to walk slowly, while balancing your breath. Because the oxsigent in there is so thin and there’s a sulfur’s smell. There’s some people that surprise and they fainted.

Our horse patiently waiting for us. And on the down way is more exciting than to up way. We have to keep our body balancing with horse step.

Finally we arrive at our jeep and we pay the horse.

We have already talk with Mr Usman, our driver, and he is willingly to accompany us to visit Savana Field and Wishper Sand with extra cost IDR 150.000 (so the total rent is IDR 650.000).

Firstly, we go to Savana field. People said that it looks like Teletubbies Home, but because it’s a dry season, all of the green leaves is gone. The Savana Field will look goods at March or April.

Then we go to Wispher Sand. If there’s no strong wind, then you won’t hear the sand wishper.

After take some photos, than we go back to hotel. It’s already 09:30, so we still can eat breakfast. And it’s buffet and taste not bad.

The Restaurant

Then we take bath, and prepare to go to Jember City.

At 11:30, we check-out and depart. Our journey will be about 3-4 hours. We eat lunch at Probolinggo, Sumber Hidup Restaurant.

Along the journey, we fell asleep because so tired. Even after arrive at Jember, and eat dinner, we decided to rest early.

I stay at my uncle and aunty’s house which so comfy. Good night, because we have to wake up early tomorrow.

Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D1 # East Java – Indonesia

Woke up at 04:30, today finally my journey to Mt Bromo has begun. 

Ticket checked, stuff checked, money  checked, identity checked. Everything is ready.This time, I try to use Travel safe domestic from ACA for 5-11 days, cost IDR 45.000. Even for mountain climbing is not cover but at least they cover my journey.

At 05:40 I go to Damri Shuttle hus at Hotel wisata to ride the shuttle to Airport.

At 06:00 we depart. And arrive at airport at 07:30.

My flight is Wings Air to Surabaya. And there’s only 1 counter check-in open from 3 counter for Lion. Even for Wings Air there’s 2 counter, but they didn’t open. So we used Lion counter to Jakarta. *strange*

We only got 10kgs for baggage/person and many people has so many baggage so it took some times for the excess baggage payment. Fortunately, I have already use web check-in so I have already got my seat. 

Then I’m waiting for boarding. 

Boarding time is a little early, 08:15 and 08:35 we are already depart. 20 minutes early than the determine time. 

It’s a smooth flight, we arrive at Surabaya at 09:30. 

I wait for baggage and my aunty. At 10:00, my aunty has arrived. Then we go to Ciputra World Mall, which is a new mall in Surabaya.

We passed some building
the long elevator inside the shopping mall

We eat lunch at Duck King.

Then we walk around while wait for my aunty’s nephew.

After a while, my aunty’s nephew is arrive. Then she eat lunch first at foodcourt. Then we depart to Bromo.

It tooks 3 to 4 hours to go there. Too bad, it’s foggy when we arrive there, so we can’t see the sunset. Our hotel, Lava View Lodge, is located in the peak of area, which we could see the Bromo crater in front of the hotel. And it’s quiet cold. Don’t forget to bring your jacket, sweater, gloves, and winter cap. 

We have already booked for Family Room which rate IDR 1.250.000/room/night. This month is high season, so the price quiet high. There’s 1 room inside the family room, and inside that room there’s one large bed. Outside that room there’s 2 single bed, a sofa and tv.

We also booked the jeep for the next day to Penanjakan 1 which cost IDR 500.000 for 2 place (Penanjakan 1 &  Bromo peak) and IDR 750.000 for 4 place (Penanjakan 1, Bromo Peak, Whisper Sand and Savana Field Telletubies).

We decided to booked the 2 place trip, and if we want to visit the others place, then we could negotiate with the driver.

We thought that if we booked via hotel, then at least it’s guarantee. 

After finished eat dinner and booked the jeep, then we sleep early because the next day we have to wake up at 02:45. 

Kue Ayas Malang # East Java – Indonesia

Kue Ayas, is special snack from Malang. Everytime my father go to East Java, he will buy this snack from it’s factory. It is made from glutinous rice flour and coconut milk with various filling. There’s peanut, sesame peanut and no filling type.

Nowadays, it’s hard to look for this snack in Malang. If you didn’t know where to buy, then you won’t find it.

Suddenly, there’s a big package from my aunty’s in Jember. It’s Kue Ayas. She said, one of her friends in Malang, help her buy it. But she didn’t know where.

There’s various taste now.

The brand is Kue Ayas Merah Putih Nam Hien. Actually, I don’t know what brand that I ate when I’m little. But the taste is the same. Only now there’s mocca flavour, and chocolate flavour.

Is there anyone who could tell me where to buy this? ^___^