Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D4 # East Java – Indonesia

Today, we will visit the beach in Jember in the evening.

I eat breakfast at home. The elder bought us fried chicken.

After breakfast, I just look around my aunty and uncle’s store, and also my cousin’s pastry shop. My cousin give me a tester for eclair and fruit pie. It’s delicious and very recommended. Don’t forget if you go to Jember, try Mary’s Pattiserie Pastry at Jl. Trunojoyo no 55 Jember.

At 11 o’clock, we go to eat lunch Soto Ayam Dahlok, it’s famous in Jember and open since 1958.

Then we visit my uncle’s family. After that, we go to the beach.

First we go to Watu Ulo Beach. Why named Watu Ulo? Because there’s stone that similar to Ulo. Ulo, is javanese name of Snake.

Then we go to Papuma Beach, which located right next to Watu Ulo Beach. You only need to pay 1 times for both tourism spot.

It’s almost sunset when we get there.

Then we go back to the town, and eat pork noodle. It’s delicious.

Then we go home to rest, because the next day, I need to woke up at 2.30 o’clock to go to Ijen Crater.
Good Night…


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